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Thinking Green: Six Sustainable Specialty Metal Applications

From reducing environmental footprints to creating energy-efficient establishments, McNICHOLS® Specialty Metals contribute to sustainable building practices in a variety of ways.

Sustainable Specialty Metal Applications

As part of the movement toward sustainability, designers and builders continue to look for new and effective ways to go green. From reducing environmental footprints to creating more energy-efficient establishments, McNICHOLS has partnered on several projects that seek to design with the environment in mind. Below, we’re sharing some creative sustainable Specialty Metal applications.

Stainless Steel Perforated Metal panels make up the exterior of one of the building's walls.
Chandler architects harness nature to upgrade city hall.

1. Chandler City Hall

In a piece called "Turbulent Shade," a multitude of Perforated Metal panels were attached to sliding grommets on this Arizona City Hall’s exterior. As the Stainless Steel sheets float in the wind, this curtain wall functions as a sunshade to reduce solar heat gain. As a result, less energy is needed to cool the building from the Southwest sun rays—helping the building earn a LEED Gold certification.

ECO-MESH® trellis used to build an expansive living wall, full of greenery at the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum in Seattle.
ECO-MESH® contributes to sustainable design to Seattle exhibit.

2. Chihuly Garden and Glass

This museum next to Seattle’s Space Needle used 95 panels of ECO-MESH® trellis panels to build an expansive living wall. The green façade naturally cools the exhibit and lowers the carbon dioxide impact, helping the project achieve a LEED Silver rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.

A picture of a known sustainable house that has a Bar Grating overhang.
Record-breaking home includes eco-friendly Bar Grating features.

3. Margarido House

At this California home, Bar Grating serves several sustainable purposes. Elevated as an overhang, it functions as a sunshade that helps naturally regulate the temperature indoors. The Grating is also a critical part of the house’s rainwater recycling system, allowing the passage of water and channeling it into an underground reservoir. This residence broke records as the first to be both LEED-H certified and GreenPoint Rated.

Summit Ranchero Bernardo ampitheatre with gabion baskets for seats.
Rock-filled gabions anchor campus amenities at The Summit Rancho Bernardo.

4. The Summit Rancho Bernardo

ECO-ROCK® gabion containers were chosen for a corporate campus in San Diego. Utilized as decorative partitions and amphitheater seating, the Wire Mesh system was filled with rocks harvested from a local quarry. By embracing the surrounding topography and using local materials, the project earned credits toward its LEED Gold certification.

The exterior of Loloma 5 Townhomes is covered in Perforated Metal facade.
Glass town home makes use of Perforated sunshades.

5. Loloma 5 Townhomes

Perforated Metal was selected for this townhome in Old Scottsdale to shade the glass façade from intense Arizona sunlight. The panels diffuse heat away from the building and assist in protecting the interior from extreme temperatures, thus conserving energy. The metal’s high recycled content and its energy-saving properties helped garner LEED points and a certification from Scottsdale's Green Building Program.

Vines growing over ECO-MESH® panels in the Tampa Art Promenade.
ECO-MESH® lines streets of Tampa Art Promenade.

6. Tampa Promenade of the Arts

The City of Tampa, Florida, saw ECO-MESH® as the perfect solution for a streetscape renovation. Installed as stand-alone dividers, the trellises help create an art feature for a pedestrian walkway. Located in the heart of the city’s downtown, this vertical garden reduces both air and noise pollution!

Going Green Together

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