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ECO-ROCK® Forms a Natural Security Solution for Organic GreenWise Market

Barriers made from ECO-ROCK® gabions increase pedestrian safety for a brand committed to customer wellness.

The Hole Challenge

GreenWise, an organic subsidiary of Publix Super Markets, was looking to build a new storefront in Lakeland, Florida. As part of the project, they needed to build an exterior safety solution that would tie into the building's overall organic design. Security barricades surrounding the front of the market were required to protect pedestrians and an outdoor patio from the nearby traffic flow. With these protective measures, the Publix team also wanted to harness the natural, welcoming environment characteristic of GreenWise. Overall, the product chosen would need to be strong, durable and appealing. The Architectural Design Team at McNICHOLS set out to partner with Publix and begin brainstorming specialty metal solutions for their GreenWise store design concept.

ECO-ROCK®, a type of Intercrimp Wire Mesh, forms a security barrier.
McNICHOLS ECO-ROCK® gabions made from Intercrimp Wire Mesh.

The Hole Solution

Wire Mesh, also referred to as wire cloth, metal mesh, and hardware cloth is a metal product made of strands of metal running perpendicular to each other that are woven over and under each other or welded to each other at each intersection to create a mesh screen. It comes in many different patterns and design aesthetics that can fit any home. The way the wires intersect each other creates openings that allows for ventilation of light, sound, and liquid. Wire Mesh has numerous applications including fencing, infill panels, sunshades/screens, speaker covers, ceiling tiles, and many more. It is used in many industries, including aerospace, architecture, automotive, heavy machinery, medical, and others.

A short wall of rock-filled gabion baskets, aligned in front of windows outside Greenwise Market.
ECO-ROCK® safety barriers line the exterior of GreenWise Market.

Rock Solid

General contractor Nick Miyar ordered the ECO-ROCK® and HGR Construction began the process of installation. The team selected a 3' 2" height for the barriers and grounded them to a concrete attachment point. With a .148" wire diameter, the Intercrimp Wire Mesh solidly held the rocks in place, creating the desired security. A Galvannealed, Powder Coated Textured Black finish established a durable corrosion resistance, fortifying the product against exterior elements.

As an extra advantage, ECO-ROCK® and gabion systems can also be beneficial for creating noise barriers. This feature would establish a pleasant, calm atmosphere for patrons dining on the patio and shield them from the other side's bustling traffic sounds.

Two patrons dining on the patio behind the protection of ECO-ROCK® walls.
Two patrons dine on the patio behind the protection of ECO-ROCK® walls.

A Commitment to Wellness

Through their organic groceries, GreenWise is a brand that prioritizes the health of its customers. The ECO-ROCK® barricades outside their new market are a safety measure that continues to further that goal. The store construction was completed in 2019, opening to the public in December. A row of McNICHOLS gabions welcomes visitors into the store to shop for all-natural groceries and delicious prepared meals. All the while, the eye-catching ECO-ROCK® keeps them safe as they meander about or sit for a spell on the outdoor lounge.

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