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McNICHOLS® Product Resources

At McNICHOLS, our goal is to assist you in selecting the right Hole Products for your design or application. We are pleased to provide you with additional information and resources beyond item level specifications. While browsing the pages of our Product Resources you will discover how to specify and order as well as find supporting charts, tables, and loading information to assist you with your Hole Product selections.

Perforated Metal

Learn about Perforated Metal order and specification information, styles, materials, and more.

Expanded Metal

Find selection and comparison charts as well as loading information for Expanded Metal.

Wire Mesh

Find Wire Mesh charts and product specifications including mesh, opening, and wire diameter options.

Bar Grating

View numerous charts and load tables related to our complete line of Bar Grating products.

Plank Grating

Find the right Plank Grating product for your application in related charts and tables.

Fiberglass Grating

Learn about Fiberglass Grating construction types, resin characteristics, loading information, and more.

Designer Metals

Discover how Designer Metals can enhance your decorative applications.

Stair Treads

See more in-depth information about Stair Treads through comparison charts and load tables.

Ladder Rungs

View about slip-resistant Ladder Rungs via charts, tables, and more.

Decking & Flooring

Browse additional information related to Decking & Flooring products.

Trench Drain

Read about our Trench Drain System loading classifications and recommended kit types.


Discover how product accessories can compliment your design or application.

ADA Compliant Products

Explore and compare our complete line of ADA compliant products.

Product Catalogs

Learn about McNICHOLS® Hole Products and Value-Added Services in our Product Catalogs.