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At McNICHOLS, we understand the importance of environmental sustainability. Primarily made of recycled content and coated to resist corrosion, ECO-MESH® is designed to embrace and support its natural surroundings. ECO-MESH® can be used as facades, plant screens, partitions, wall cladding, and for other decorative boundary purposes.


What Is ECO-MESH®?

McNICHOLS ECO-MESH® is a modular framework grid typically wall mounted to exterior structures, thus creating appealing living green facades. Constructed with Galvannealed Woven Wire Mesh, these high quality three-dimensional eco-panels flex to allow for an increasing vine load as plants grow. With a strong outside frame and an eco-friendly powder-coated finish, this green solution provides years of beauty with low maintenance.

The Many Applications of ECO-MESH®

Woven Wire Mesh flexes to allow plant life to grow without the concern of Welded Wire intersections breaking. Made of 95% recycled metal, these panels are installation-ready with mounting brackets and hardware available.

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