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Perforated Panels Provide Artful Design Solutions for Theater

The Kentucky Center for Performing Arts set out to achieve the design goal of cleverly concealing vents at the top of a concrete column.

Slotted Hole Backdrop

Just to the right of the outdoor plaza area for the performing arts center in Louisville is a colorful, striking display made with McNICHOLS® Slotted Hole Perforated Panels as a backdrop. The display includes a video screen used to highlight upcoming events. The design goal was to cleverly conceal the ventilation at the top of a concrete column that went to a below-ground level parking garage. The mounted video monitor panel was backed by the two Perforated panels, offset from each other. The powder-coated bright red perforated panel was mounted above the larger, elongated powder-coated dark blue one which was mounted to the column. Looking through the slotted perforated panels, one can see interesting moiré patterns and theater buildings behind them. The dual slotted patterns give a "moving performance" to passersby.

Slotted Perforated Metal used for signage and concealment.
McNICHOLS® Slotted Hole Perforated Metal utilized for signage outside of the Kentucky Center for Performing Arts.

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