As a service to our valued customers, McNICHOLS provides catalogs for download. These catalogs contain detailed descriptions of McNICHOLS® Perforated and Expanded Metals, Wire Mesh, Bar Grating, and other Hole Products, as well as extensive technical guidance and ordering information. We update our catalogs at least annually to provide you with the latest information available. You are welcome to access our featured catalogs by clicking on the icons below. We are also happy to send you printed copies at no charge. Simply select "Catalog Support" as the Contact Us Form Topic and we’ll put one in the mail to you today! As a distributor of product catalogs, McNICHOLS practices environmentally responsible production methods, which we describe in detail in the Eco-Friendly section of All McNICHOLS catalogs and literature are copyrighted material. All rights reserved. No part of the file may be reproduced in any form without permission by officers of McNICHOLS CO.

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