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Unique Designer Perforated Metal Embellishes Parking Lot

Versatile McNICHOLS® Perforated Metal and Designer Wire Mesh are chosen for new parking garage at the growing campus of Baltimore’s Mercy Medical Center.

Perforated Metal & Designer Mesh

When Baltimore’s Mercy Medical Center needed a new parking garage for its growing campus, the architectural firm designing the structure cast its eyes on a simple leaf and a versatile Perforated Metal. The leaf is symbolic of Mercy’s Catholic-based mission. McNICHOLS® Perforated Metal and Designer Mesh are associated with other qualities like weather-resistance, strength in a lightweight material, ventilation and visibility, and the ability to accommodate a large-scale painted graphic. Together they produced a magnificent 80' x 149' metal mural under the direction of international architects and urban planners. Not only does the mural mask the unsightly parking ramps, it doubles as safety and ventilation screen and showcases a spiritually-inspired image that bespeaks the principals of the Sisters of Mercy.

The leaf design and Designer Mesh combined.
A metal leaf design made out of Perforated Metal panels.

McNICHOLS® Designer Wire Mesh at Mercy Medical Center parking garage in Baltimore.

Featured Product & Benefits

McNICHOLS® Perforated Metal, Round, Aluminum, Type 3003-H14, 5/16" Round on 3/8" Staggered Centers, 48" X 120" Sheet

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Strong, yet lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Ventilation properties
  • Light diffusion
  • Visibility (see through)

McNICHOLS® Wire Mesh, Designer Mesh, Woven - Lock Crimp Weave, 5/8" x 2" Mesh, 0.162" Thick (8 Gauge) Wire Diameter

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • High percentage of open area
  • Visibility (see through)

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