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Infill Panels: An Aesthetic Safety Solution for Walsh University

Walsh University incorporates McNICHOLS® Designer Wire Mesh Infill Panels into their dormitory stairways and balconies.

Designer Mesh Infill Panels

Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio was searching for a way to keep their students safe while also maintaining a specific design appeal. This need led them to search for an Infill Panel solution that would fit their space. At McNICHOLS, we offer Infill Panels in several different product lines, including Perforated Metal, Expanded Metal, and Wire Mesh. All offer a superior appearance and enhanced security while being low maintenance in terms of installation and upkeep.

Walsh University selected McNICHOLS® Designer Wire Mesh, TECHNA 3150™, for their project. Designer Wire Mesh is one of our most popular solutions for infill panels of all types. Walsh University incorporated the Designer Wire Mesh throughout their campus in places like student dormitories and the student activity center. Inserting the wire mesh into both stairways and balconies as an enhanced safety measure.

The staircases and landings required a design that met code standards and could withstand high foot traffic generated by students day and night, but Walsh University did not want to sacrifice aesthetic appeal in the process. The stainless Steel infill panels require little maintenance over time. Our Fabrication Services team was able to powder coat the steel frame and handrails to match the slate blue floor tiles. This cost-effective and custom design produced a look of elegance backed by both strength and durability.

Designer Mesh Infill panels used in railings inside a dormitory.
Stairways and balconies at Walsh University utilizing McNICHOLS® Stainless Steel Designer Mesh, TECHNA 3150™, to create a strong, durable look of elegance.

Featured Product & Benefits

McNICHOLS® Wire Mesh, Designer Mesh, TECHNA™ 3150, Stainless Steel, Type 304, Woven - Double Wire Intercrimp Weave, 74% Open Area

Some of the most common features and benefits of Designer Wire Mesh include:

  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Air and light ventilation
  • Low maintenance
  • Corrosion resistance

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