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Decorative Metal: A Guide to Designer Hole Products

Learn about the four varieties of McNICHOLS® Designer Metals that add an upscale appearance to any space!

Designer Metals

Whether at home, on a school campus, or inside a restaurant, McNICHOLS® Designer Metals elevate surfaces to their highest potential. Architects and Designers often choose decorative steel, aluminum, bronze, and additional metals to create an upscale look that requires minimal maintenance. Commonly found in applications such as railing infill panels, building facades, and furniture accents. These durable materials create high-end focal pieces that are long-lasting.

Decorative Metal consists of metal that has been finished to have unique patterns or textures beyond traditional specialty metals. It incorporates unique and elaborate styles while still offering the same strength and low maintenance as other coil and sheet metals.

McNICHOLS provides four main varieties of Designer sheet metal: Perforated, Textured, Wire Mesh, and Expanded. Below, we’re sharing more about each of these metal decorative panels.

Decorative Perforated Metal

We previously examined the manufacturing process of Perforated Metal in-depth. Designer Perforated Metal is manufactured with many of these same methods. However, instead of punching uniform circles, squares, or slots, the machinery will perforate intricate designs in the sheet metal. These sheets can then be installed in walls, ceilings, cabinetry, and other areas.

Designer Perforated Metal in the DIAMOND pattern for grilles.
Perforated Metal Grille window vent in DIAMOND pattern.

Perforated Grilles

Decorative Perforated Grilles can also be made to your specifications. These are utilized in both interior and exterior locations in window areas, as air conditioning vents or return covers and more.

With over a dozen series types in an array of variations, our inventory includes Designer Metal patterns that suit many different designs. From ornate settings using our MAJESTIC or MOSAIC series, to minimal and sleek environments using patterns like CLOVERLEAF and WINDSOR, these versatile metals can put the finishing, sparkling touch in any space.

Please browse our website to view even more of these products, which are available for online ordering in select sizes.

Designer Textured Metal in the TREADTEX® series.
Textured Metal in the TREADTEX® pattern line a restaurant wall.

Decorative Textured Metal

McNICHOLS® Designer Textured Metal offerings are solid aluminum or steel sheets with decorative finishes on the surfaces. Our Textured Metal options are different from our typical Hole Products, as these items have a 0% Open Area.

Textured Decorative Metal is popular in bustling locations like elevators, corridors, and hallways where increased durability is required. These sheets withstand wear and tear while also hiding scratches, dings, fingerprints, or other imperfections that may arise. This keeps populated spaces looking their best.

Popular patterns include the classic DIAMOND QUILT, the dotted 6-OM series, and the unique 5-SM design. Our TREADTEX® items feature a checker plate surface, which is often also used in anti-slip applications. You can view our full inventory of Textured Metals on our website. Online ordering for select sizes of these products is also available.

HALO series of Designer Wire Mesh.
HALO™ 1162 series Designer Mesh.

Decorative Wire Mesh

Instead of weaving or welding single warp and weft wires into a classic grid configuration, Designer Mesh includes more intricate construction types. For example, our HALO™ 162 series features a helical (spiral) crimp weave, resulting in rounded openings throughout the mesh.

TECHNA and TALICA designs for Designer Wire Mesh.
TECHNA 3150 (left) and TALICA 8146 (right)

Another customer favorite, TECHNA™ 3150, uses woven double Intercrimp wires where two warp wires and two weft wires are utilized in each weave. A similar method is seen in the TALICA™ 8146 series, though the twin wires exhibit a flat-top wire that creates an ornamental appearance.

SHIRE series for Designer Wire Mesh.
SHIRE™ 8148 series Designer Mesh in Stainless Steel and Copper.

Varieties beyond wire and weave type are also available, as many Decorative Mesh options are stocked in mixed materials. The SHIRE™ 8148 series includes Copper wires going in one direction, with Stainless Steel wires going the other. These mixed metal meshes are favored for the dimension and visual interest they provide.

Designer Wire Mesh cabinet inserts in a kitchen.
Decorative Wire Mesh cabinet inserts by Emergent Construction.

Designer Wire Mesh Cabinet Inserts

Decorative Wire Mesh panels are frequently seen as cabinet inserts in kitchens, mudrooms, and entertainment centers. These inserts upgrade the appearance of standard cabinetry and facilitate airflow. Continue to the Designer Wire Mesh section of our website to view the full selection of patterns!

Designer Expanded Metal in the LANCET design.
LANCET™ series of Designer Expanded Metal.

Decorative Expanded Metal

Did you know that Designer options are even available from our Expanded Metal product line? MCNICHOLS® Designer Expanded Metal patterns are referred to as the LANCET™ series. These items differ from other Expanded Metals because instead of angular diamond openings, the decorative variety features openings with rounded edges instead of angular diamond openings.

There are four types of Designer Expanded Metal. One of these patterns is a Standard Expanded sheet, meaning that when the panel was slit and stretched, the edges of the resulting openings are somewhat raised.

The remaining three Designer series are Flattened varieties, where the sheets have been cold rolled and the raised edges have been smoothed down.

Decorative Expanded can be used to provide privacy or to control light and air while maintaining visibility. Sunscreens, room dividers, and building facades are a few common applications of Decorative Expanded Metal.

Your Decorative Sheet Metal Provider

Our Designer Metals catalog provides informative product specifications and inspiring case studies if you are interested in learning more about these metal decorative panels. Download a digital version now, or you can request a printed copy to be mailed to you.

In the meantime, please feel free to browse our Designer Metals product lines or place an order for select decorative products to be delivered right to your doorstep.

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