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A Side of Hole Products, Please: 11 Eateries Featuring Specialty Metals

From patio furniture to privacy screens, we’re sharing how our specialty metals are available to serve the foodservice industry.

Food for Thought

When it comes to the food service industry, McNICHOLS® Hole Products can be found providing style, security, and other benefits at restaurants across the country. From patio furniture to privacy screens, we’re sharing some of the ways Hole Products are available to serve.

Perforated Metal sheets made into lamp shades at Hopdoddy Burger bar.
Light fixtures made of Perforated Metal at Hopdoddy Burger Bar.

1. Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Perforated Metal pendants add an ambient glow to this Orlando, Florida, burger joint. Hopdoddy enlisted Blackrock Industries for lighting that would make a vast space feel warm and inviting. Check out this case study to learn more.

ECO-ROCK® in the background of a photo with two patrons sitting at Greenwise.
Boundary created with ECO-ROCK® at Greenwise.

2. GreenWise Market

Our custom ECO-ROCK® containers create a decorative boundary surrounding an outdoor patio. Here, patrons can munch on organic treats while being separated from the bustling parking lot.

A Perforated Metal shelf on a brick wall at the Hide Bar.
Floating bar at Hide Bar created with Perforated Metal.

3. Hide Bar

Whether they're serving brunch and a drink, snacks, or sweets, this Dallas establishment uses Perforated Metal to build a floating bar. Beyond its functionality, this piece helps to create a modern, industrial environment.

Designer Wire Mesh used for infill and ceiling panels at The Harold in New York.
Designer Wire Mesh used for infill panels, ceiling panels, and a podium stand at The Harold.

4. The Harold

This New York City restaurant outfitted its railing infill panels, ceiling panels and podium stand with Designer Wire Mesh TECHNA™ 8169 PLUS. The copper panels enhance the upscale/industrial décor and offer ventilation, transparency, and a protective stairway barrier.

Perforated Metal on the walls at a Burger Fi.
Perforated Metal utilized in the dining area of BurgerFi.

5. BurgerFi

The next time you step into a BurgerFi, you'll notice McNICHOLS® Perforated Metal adds an industrial style to the dining space. Glance up, and you’ll find our Expanded Metal panels clad the ceiling to complete the atmosphere!

Intercrimp Wire Mesh, or ECO-MESH®, used in a gate at Chopt Creative Salad Co.
Intercrimp Wire Mesh used for a living wall at Chopt Creative Salad Co.

6. Chopt Creative Salad Co.

Intercrimp Wire Mesh serves as the base for a living wall outside this Charlottesville, Virginia, location. These ECO-MESH® panels help support climbing vines to establish a “green” design outside the salad café.

Perforated Metal used on the walls and the Harley-Davidson Museum.
Round Hole Perforated Metal used for aesthetics at the Harley-Davidson Museum Restaurant.

7. Harley-Davidson Museum Restaurant

At the motorcycle brand’s museum café, Round Hole Perforated Metal reinforces the exhibit’s playful/industrial theme. The panels clad the café, creating accent walls and providing a durable surface to hang on-theme photography. View this case study to see the other ways Hole Products were used in the museum!

ECO-ROCK® used as decor for the Starbucks sign.
ECO-ROCK® used for a facade at a NC Starbucks location.

8. Starbucks

Outside their Raleigh, North Carolina, location, this coffee franchise uses a towering ECO-ROCK® feature to create the perfect blend of sustainability and style. The gabion contains a variety of natural rock and builds an eye-catching exterior design.

Perforated Metal used as the tops of tables at the Creek Eatery.
Perforated Metal tables at The Creek Eatery in Santa Cruz, CA.

9. The Creek Eatery

In Santa Cruz, California, these Perforated Metal tables add a funky, retro vibe to a restaurant patio. The unique green hue is due to a patina that has built up over time, adding to the cool vintage vibe of these pieces!

Perforated Metal used as the tops of tables at the Creek Eatery.
Designer Wire Mesh used for dividers at Cafe Birdie.

10. Café Birdie

A dividing wall of Designer Metal provides seclusion for patrons of this Los Angeles dining spot. The CLOVERLEAF pattern adds to the modern design, all while creating a functional privacy screen.

Molded Fiberglass Grating as Infill Panels at the Boxing Bear Brewing.
Molded Fiberglass Grating used to brighten the appearance of Boxing Bear Brewing's patio.

11. Boxing Bear Brewing

Beyond Specialty Metals, our Fiberglass Hole Products are also restaurant favorites! Molded Fiberglass Grating brightens the appearance of this patio while withstanding the New Mexico sun.

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