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5 Ways to Include Designer Metals in Your Home

If Designer Metals have caught your eye, we're here to show you the many versatile ways you can implement these products in your home!

Decorative Solutions

It's hard to resist the captivating style of Designer Metals. But even if these decorative sheet metal products have caught your eye, you may still be wondering how to best use them in your design. The good news is that there's plenty of ways to implement Designer Hole Products into your home! Whether you're updating cabinets or constructing an architectural feature from scratch, we've compiled some of our favorite applications we think will inspire you!

Designer Perforated Metal infill panels used as laundry room cabinet inserts.
McNICHOLS® Designer Perforated Metal in the GRECIAN pattern. Courtesy of Jill White Designs.

Laundry Room

When doing laundry, the last thing you want to deal with is rust, mold, or mildew. For warm and humid laundry rooms, Designer Perforated provides much-needed air flow for cabinetry. And it doesn't hurt that our unique pattern offerings, like the GRECIAN pattern used here, add visual interest and modern aesthetics.

Designer Perforated Metal infill panels used as mudroom cabinet inserts.
McNICHOLS® Designer Perforated Metal in the WINDSOR pattern. Courtesy of Unpatterned.
Photo Credits: Dustin Halleck.


It's a cold winter morning and you're gearing up before you head out the door. But to your dismay, your coat, gloves, hat, and shoes are still wet from yesterday's snow! Your mudroom storage didn't have proper ventilation and they never got the chance to dry. Luckily, Designer Perforated Metals provide a quick fix for all your mudroom needs. Try concealing your drying outerwear with one of our on-trend styles, like the WINDSOR pattern pictured above.

Hexagonal Hole Perforated Metal infill panels used as cabinet inserts for an entertainment center.
McNICHOLS® Perforated Metal with a Hexagonal Hole pattern. Courtesy of Sweenor Builders.

Entertainment Center

We've all been there—you're excited to use your new technology but can't stand looking at the bulky devices and tangled cords. For electronics you need to access but prefer to keep hidden, installing designer infill panels within an entertainment center is an aesthetic solution that maintains function. We love the Hexagonal Perforated Metal used in this application, which allows the signal from remotes to reach electronics, but does so in a modern and sleek design. Added bonus: the Perforated prevents devices from overheating by providing sufficient airflow.

Designer Wire Mesh infill panels used as a part of staircase railing inserts.
McNICHOLS® Designer Wire Mesh for railing infill panels. Courtesy of Gunn Construction & Building.

Staircase Railing

Hole Products and staircase railings - the perfect match! It's no secret that you'll find Wire Mesh in plenty of industrial railing applications. But did you know that Designer Wire Mesh can also add stylish security to your house? We're fans of this Texas home's staircase, where Wire Mesh adds a contemporary, open feel all while ensuring safety.

Designer Perforated Metal infill panels used as cabinet inserts.
McNICHOLS® Designer Perforated Metal in the OCTAGON CANE pattern. Courtesy of Marty Hegg and Arciform.


Open storage kitchens have been growing in popularity with no signs of stopping. Sometimes, though, it's a struggle to make sure your shelving is in pristine order, your dishes are flawlessly arranged, and your spices are all perfectly labeled. Enter Designer Perforated Metal cabinet inserts. These Designer sheets, as a part of the OCTAGON CANE series, establish the airy feel of the open storage trend, while still maintaining a certain level of privacy.

We hope these ideas have motivated you and set your own Designer Metal plans in motion! If you'd like more guidance about how to utilize Designer Metals in your next project or a complete review of our Designer Metal inventory, McNICHOLS associates are ready and Inspired to Serve® you at 855.318.8791, [email protected], or via Live Chat on