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Wire Mesh for Cabinet Doors

Wire Mesh is a versatile product that can be used for many DIY projects around your home. This blog discusses why it is the perfect option for cabinet doors.

Custom Cabinet Doors

Home renovations and DIY projects became commonplace during the past few years and that trend continues today. Upgrading cabinets and storage systems is where many people start. A big part of that is giving cabinets a unique, new look.

A couple of trendy design features for cabinets are eye-catching colors and open to semi-open cabinet doors. Loud colors give you the ability to show off your personality and liven up your space. Open cabinet doors let you display your favorite pieces and add depth to one of your most commonly used rooms.

If you’re considering unique, custom cabinet doors, one of your best options is to use Wire Mesh as cabinet inserts. Depending on the Weave Type and Open Area, this material provides a secure barrier between your valuable items. It also doesn’t block visibility from seeing what’s inside the cabinet.

Keep reading to learn more about why this versatile material is the perfect addition to your home renovation.

*Featured Image contains product application of McNICHOLS® Wire Mesh, TALICA™ 4270.

Two different types of Designer Wire Mesh.
Two different types of McNICHOLS® Designer Mesh

What is Wire Mesh?

Wire mesh is a metal product formed by weaving or welding metal strands together to make a mesh screen. People also refer to Wire Mesh as wire cloth, metal mesh, or hardware cloth. It comes in many different patterns and design aesthetics that can fit any home.

The way the wires intersect each other creates openings that allow for ventilation of light, sound, and liquid. Wire Mesh has numerous applications including fencing, infill panels, sunshades/screens, speaker covers, ceiling tiles, and more. Many industries, including aerospace, architecture, automotive, heavy machinery, medical, and others, use it.

A close-up photo of Designer Wire Mesh ASHLAND™ 2015 used as a cabinet insert.
McNICHOLS® Wire Mesh, Designer Mesh, ASHLAND™ 2015

Benefits of Using Wire Mesh for Cabinet Doors

At this point, you may be wondering 'why use Wire Mesh for cabinet doors?' Wire Mesh is visually appealing, easy to handle, and provides security to your cabinets.

Visually Appealing

Wire Mesh comes in many designer patterns. These patterns can provide your kitchen with a look that is as unique as you can imagine. In addition to the various patterns, Wire Mesh also comes in a handful of different material types. Popular material types for Wire Mesh include aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and stainless steel.

Depending on your design inspiration, there is a weave type and material type combination that is sure to fulfill your needs! Utilizing Wire Mesh for cabinet doors produces attractive designs that will spark conversations when you have guests over.

Easy Handling

One characteristic of Wire Mesh is its high strength-to-weight ratio. Simply put, it is a very strong product that is also relatively lightweight when compared to traditional metal. It gets its lightweight characteristics from its high open area or the open space between the wires.

The lightweight nature of Wire Mesh makes it a great option for cabinet doors. It will be easy to handle and maneuver when applying it to the cabinets themselves. It is also a great choice for many other projects that DIYers find themselves constantly undertaking.

Secure Your Items

What is the main purpose of cabinet doors? To protect what’s inside, of course. Wire Mesh provides the security you would expect from traditional cabinets and adds a much more dramatic look. Because Wire Mesh is made of metal and constructed in a secure manner, you can be confident that the items you store in your cabinets will be safe.

Showcase Your Most Prized Possessions

An added element that Wire Mesh adds to cabinets while also providing security, is not blocking what is inside from view. Wire Mesh typically has a large open area allowing for ventilation. This means that the valuable items you have behind your cabinet doors will still be visible to the outside. Even with a beautiful piece of wire mesh protecting your expensive dining ware or other valuables, you and guests alike will be able to appreciate the items that are being protected.

Hide Unsightly Items

Kitchen cabinets and other storage items throughout our house oftentimes store items we’d prefer to keep out of sight. From electronic equipment to cleaning supplies and coffee makers, there are just some items we would like to hide. This is one great application of Wire Mesh for cabinet doors. As we discussed above, Wire Mesh is visually appealing and can showcase valuable items.

While many variations come with a high open area, there are also options with a lower open area. The lower open area keeps what is behind the metal less visible. Wire Mesh with a lower open area will be able to hide those items you don’t want to see. While still adding a unique, high-end look to the front of your cabinets.

Add Depth

To make a small room in your home seem bigger, think about using Wire Mesh for cabinet doors to add depth. For example, if you have a small sitting room that also stores boxes, files, or other object, Wire Mesh can be a great option. By adding Wire Mesh to the cabinet doors, you’ll make the room feel a bit bigger than if your cabinet doors were solid wood.

If you feel a bit claustrophobic in your home office, this can make it difficult to concentrate. However, with your work files and other items stored behind the cabinet mesh, your office will feel larger. Additionally, you’ll have less clutter, which will make the space feel a little less small and crowded.

A handful of Wire Mesh items that make up part of our vast inventory.
Vast inventory of Wire Mesh at McNICHOLS.

Where To Purchase Wire Mesh For Cabinets

Some Wire Mesh types can be purchased at big box stores or through online retailers, but the more high-end styles that you would want to use in your home can be more challenging to find.

As the nation’s largest supplier of specialty metals, McNICHOLS has thousands of variations of Wire Mesh in-stock and ready to ship from our 19 nationwide locations. Each location has a showroom if you are in the area and would prefer to be hands on with the material.

If you’d like to buy Wire Mesh for cabinet doors, contact us at 855.318.8791, [email protected], or via Live Chat on