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Perforated Metal Pendants Create an Ambient Glow

Blackrock is a team of custom design and fabrication experts who provide clients with pieces that make a statement. Recently, the team was approached with a task that required some thinking outside of the box.

Custom Solution by Blackrock Industries

Evoking emotion and creating experiences—these are the goals Blackrock Industries sets for every project. Blackrock is a team of custom design and fabrication experts. They fulfill clients’ requests through innovative ideas and masterful execution. These artisans have a reputation for their vision and craftsmanship, and they offer customers pieces that make a statement.

A designer from Blackrock working on the light fixtures.
Blackrock designer Nathan Simpson begins crafting pendant lights.

Selecting a Material

Recently, Blackrock was approached with a task that required some thinking outside of the box. Hopdoddy Burger Bar enlisted Blackrock for pendant lighting that would make a vast space feel warm and inviting. Although the pendants would be hanging from expansive, high ceilings in their Orlando, Florida, location, they wanted to preserve a cozy atmosphere for patrons.

Designers Nathan Simpson and Janet Heinrich knew that the key to satisfying these requirements was balancing the diffusion of light. They would need to illuminate the space properly, but do so in a way that created an ambient glow.

While solving these challenges, Blackrock also needed to find a material that was suitable for fabrication. The product had to be flexible and provide high levels of workability. It was important to ensure that the material could mold to the desired shape and design, as well as function on a large scale. Encompassing it all, the team also aimed to deliver a final product that was unique and visually appealing.

A sheet of Round Hole Perforated Metal that had been molded and formed into a light fixture.
Perforated Metal being molded into lighting fixture design.

Defining Product Specifications

All of these requirements pointed to one solution: Perforated Metal. These sheets would suit the goals of the fabrication team. To deliver a sleek look, and provide plenty of options for customizing the amount of light that would shine through. Blackrock partnered with McNICHOLS to begin exploring a wide inventory of Perforated material.

Simpson and Heinrich analyzed product specifications such as hole size, shape, and arrangement to determine the perfect diffusion of light. They found that a 40% Open Area with 1/8" Round Holes would provide the perfect amount of filtered illumination.

Blackrock's miniature models of the light fixtures that were created as an example of the final design.
The team at Blackrock creates miniature models of pendant structure before fabricating the final design.

From Model to Masterpiece

Blackrock Metal Shop Lead Zach Thornton gathered his team to begin crafting miniature models. By experimenting on a smaller scale, they were able to gain insight into how the mechanics would work as well as how the material would function. With all the pieces in place, they were ready to prepare the final product.

Thornton and his crew of fabricators got to work wrapping the sheets of Perforated Metal into a conical shape. They secured these pieces into place, then welded on finishing banding and other details. The inside was fitted with the lighting mechanics, and the final touches were meticulously added to complete the masterpiece.

A picture of a welder fabricating the fixtures and another picture showing the finished product.
Left: Blackrock Metal Shop Lead Zach Thornton fabricates fixtures. Right: Finished product in Blackrock metal shop.

The ultimate test? Install the custom fixtures.

When the team brought the pendants to the Florida Hopdoddy location, the client was thrilled with what Blackrock was able to produce. They admired the magnitude and beauty of the fixtures. Also, they appreciated the fact that they were large enough to fill the space without looking out of place.

Most importantly, however, the client was excited about the final effect created by the fixtures. Hopdoddy agreed that the installation of the pendants completed the warm atmosphere. It would give patrons an inviting space to dine. With this stamp of approval, Blackrock knew that they had succeeded in their guiding mission—emotion and experience achieved.

A picture from inside Hopdoddy that focused on the light fixtures after installation.
Completed fixtures installed in Hopdoddy Orlando. Photo credit: Reed Bickley

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