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High-Tech Hole Products: Specialty Metals in the Technology Industry

As technology continues to advance, McNICHOLS serves this developing industry in innovative ways.

Technology and Specialty Metals

As technology continues to develop, so does the need for the construction and manufacturing of products that support them. By providing materials for workspaces, security, and cooling systems, McNICHOLS® Specialty Metals serve this innovative industry in equally innovative ways!

Designer Mesh Infill Panels used in a courtyard at Youtube HQ.
TALICA™ 8146 fencing at YouTube Headquarters.


With modern, sleek and industrial styles, it's no surprise that Hole Products are frequently featured in technology industry architecture. Tech spaces across the country utilize specialty metals for both aesthetic and functional purposes.

At Valve’s headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, the video game company’s workspace makes use of Perforated Metal in an expansive entryway staircase and surrounding balcony railings. The Perforated Metal allows sunlight to reach inside, but filters it enough to moderate brightness levels among computer spaces.

As the tech industry increasingly prioritizes sustainability, McNICHOLS® Specialty Metals also provide "green" building materials. For a Google campus in Sunnydale, California, Wire Mesh was chosen to help the office pass the Living Building Challenge and be Red List Free. At YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, a Designer Wire Mesh also helps the tech company embrace nature. TALICA™ 8146 Stainless Steel panels fence an exterior courtyard where employees can relax and take a break from their screens.


A digital drawing of a Cell Tower with Expanded Metal enclosing the area.

Many high-tech applications involve equipment that is delicate, sensitive or even potentially dangerous. To ensure that hardware as well as individuals remain safe McNICHOLS® Specialty Metals are often used as security enclosures around mechanical instruments—both in indoor and outdoor settings. Expanded Metal, for example, can often be found as fencing surrounding cell towers or caging around power supply equipment.

also offer information protection. At data centers, panels of McNICHOLS sheet metals are assembled to secure servers and their digital assets.

Perforated Metal, Wire Mesh, Expanded Metal and other Hole Products effectively create protective barriers around technical equipment and information, but these products provide additional benefits beyond security. When working with electrical components, people often choose these materials for their ability to facilitate airflow.

Cooling & Filtration

Perhaps one of the main uses of Hole Products is regulating the passage of air. When dealing with a larger number of electrical elements, like in data centers, machinery may heat up rapidly. To protect these technical mechanisms, maintaining airflow and installing proper cooling measures are necessary to regulate temperature.

Hole Product enclosures with the right Percentage of Open Area allow hot air to ventilate out of security barriers while also allowing cool air to filter back in. In addition, specialty metals frequently play a critical role in the cooling mechanisms themselves. For example, Perforated Metal has long been a crucial element in air conditioning systems to evenly distribute airflow.

As our products allow air to filter through, they are also able to keep debris out—trapping dust and other particles to prevent them from reaching sensitive computer parts. In a variety of settings, innovative air filtration companies rely on these raw materials to partner with their cutting edge tech. For example, various "smart" purifiers for your home utilize cylindrical Hexagonal Perforated Metal supplied by McNICHOLS to accompany finer filter mediums.

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