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The "Grate" Outdoors: Bar Grating Adds Durability to Deck

Corrosion-resistant Aluminum Bar Grating creates drainage for snow and rain on a refurbished deck in Wyoming.

The Hole Challenge

In snowy Wyoming, one homeowner was looking for a new, durable deck solution. Their original redwood boards had experienced significant wear and tear as snow and rain pummeled the platform. The residents had hoped the small "cracks" between the wooden boards would have provided adequate drainage for the downfall and the condensation dripping off the steel roof in the mornings. However, they found that the deck created a lot of splash-back onto the exterior siding of the house, resulting in discoloration and mildew. Finally, the fall of massive snow drifts from the roof significantly crushed the decking and the supporting joists underneath. It was time for a completely new structure.

A backyard deck covered in snow.
Heavy snowfall
A wooden deck with areas cut out for Bar Grating drains.
Backyard deck in Wyoming

The Hole Solution

The homeowners decided to embark on a DIY project to rebuild the wooden deck and install strategically-placed Grating drains. Originally, they contacted McNICHOLS with the intent of ordering Fiberglass Grating. With durable and fire-retardant properties, Fiberglass is one popular choice for exterior applications.

As the residents discussed their plans with McNICHOLS, they began to consider some additional options. Knowledgeable Customer Service Specialists walked them through the possibility of Aluminum Bar Grating, which is a lightweight, corrosion-resistant product that could be used as an alternative to Fiberglass in this particular situation. This Bar Grating would also exhibit strength and durability that would hold up outdoors, even in inclement weather. The homeowners decided that the sleek metal Grating would pair nicely with the house’s overall design, and so placed the order.

As they rebuilt the deck, the homeowners designed their Grating cutouts and discussed the dimensions with McNICHOLS. At the local Metals Service Center, McNICHOLS fabrication specialists carefully sheared the Bar Grating panels to fit the length and shape of the deck openings.

When the residents received the newly cut Bar Grating, they laid it into the deck’s cutouts. The panels fit seamlessly into the prepared apertures, as the specified widths and cut lengths had been meticulously coordinated between the homeowner and McNICHOLS.

A wooden deck with strategically placed Bar Grating drains.
Bar Grating providing great drainage year-round
Grates that have been inserted into a backyard deck for drainage.
Backyard deck in Wyoming

It was now time for the final test: the falling snowdrifts as the season transitioned into spring. The house’s owners noted that as the walls of snow fell from the edge of the roof, the Grates “stood up perfectly” in the warming weather. Then, as April showers rained down, the water runoff flowed nicely into the channels. They also shared that with a 77% Open Area, the Grating decreased the splashback onto the siding by around that same percentage.

As the skies cleared up and the temperatures rose, the homeowners were happy to see that the deck remained in great shape. The residents, along with visiting family, are now able to use the deck as a place to spend time together. As they sit outside, they can comfortably sit and enjoy coffee, drinks and meals on an expansive platform while admiring the great outdoors!

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