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Sleek Bar Grating Enhances Rooftop Terrace

At a Northeastern University landscaped terrace, Aluminum I-Bar Grating was chosen for connector planking that could be easily detached and snapped back into place while complementing the garden plan.

Northeastern University Dorms

Northeastern University’s dormitory buildings offer a unique amenity to students - a rooftop terrace. The terrace provides students a place to interact, do homework, study, or relax. The landscape includes walkways, benches as well as greenery to create the perfect outdoor environment.

Within the 15,000-square-foot rooftop garden landscape there are pre-cast concrete planters, skylights, wood decking, and aluminum Grating walkways. Maintenance access areas within the design allow for periodic access and upkeep.

Therefore, designers chose McNICHOLS® Aluminum I-Bar Grating for those maintenance access areas due to its ability to easily detach and snap the connector planking back into place while also complementing the existing garden plan and landscape. Meanwhile, the Decking and Grating were supported by an aluminum channel below which was leveled and secured at varying distances above the roof. The Grating attaches to the subframe with anchor blocks and affixed with tek screws.

Pictures of Aluminum I-Bar Grating on a dormitory's rooftop terrace at Northeastern University.
Northeastern dormitory's rooftop terrace with aluminum walkways made of McNICHOLS® Aluminum I-Bar Grating.

Featured Product & Benefits

McNICHOLS® Bar Grating, Swage-Locked, 7SGI4-100, Aluminum, 1" I-Bar height, 7/16" bearing bar centers, 4" crossbar centers

  • Aesthetic profile
  • Lightweight for roof structure
  • ADA compliance
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Self-draining
  • Low maintenance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Long life

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