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Four Things You'll Always Find in a McNICHOLS Showroom

With 19 coast-to-coast locations, we aim to be your nationwide neighbor! When you visit your local Metals Service Center, here are a few things you'll find.

McNICHOLS Showrooms

When it comes to McNICHOLS® Metals Service Centers, our goal is to be your coast-to-coast nationwide neighbor. From bustling urban cities to remote construction sites, we aim to serve every region of the country with our 19 strategic locations.

By having branches where our customers are located, we're able to provide greater and quicker access to our inventory of Specialty Metals, and we invite you to come see them for yourself! Our showroom doors are always open, and when you visit, here are some of the things you will find.

A close-up photo of a chair made out of Perforated Metal.
RAD Furniture Perforated Table. Photo credit: @radfurniture

1. A "Perf"-ect Place to Relax

To us, Perforated Metal is a way of life! That’s why when you walk into our Metal Service Centers and showrooms, you’ll find a variety of Perforated furniture where you can take a load off. Take, for example, the stools and tables in our Chicago location, created by the Perforated Metal fans at RAD Furniture. As you lounge, feel free to peruse our catalogs and sip on an invigorating cup of coffee (also available in every showroom!).

A photo of an American Flag on the wall of a McNICHOLS® Metals Service Center.
The American Flag is a symbol of our Patriotism.

2. A Pledge to Patriotism

Our founder, Bob McNichols, was a dedicated patriot. In fact, if you’ve read The Hole Story®, you know how Bob’s commitment to serve his country eventually led to the miraculous founding of McNICHOLS CO. Following his legacy, we continue to be grateful for our nation and the men and women who have protected it. By placing an American flag in each of our Metals Service Centers, it is our salute to heroes just like Bob.

Picture of associates browsing product samples with a customer in the showroom.
Experience Hole Products firsthand in our showrooms.

3. Interactive Browsing

A visit to our showroom means Hole Products up close! With an extensive sample wall at every location, we invite you to see and feel your shopping list in person. Gather your favorite items and compare different patterns, materials, opening sizes and other specifications side-by-side. By experiencing our inventory firsthand, you can make sure each product is just what you need.

A customer taking a look at a sample with sales associates.
Experience Hole Products firsthand in our showrooms.

4. A Project Partner

Friendly and knowledgeable McNICHOLS associates are here to be your greatest resource when you walk into a showroom. Our Customer Service Specialists, Design experts and Operations teams are Inspired to Serve® you. One of our favorite experiences is sitting down with you to gain a greater understanding of your project needs. And in turn, we’re happy to share more information about how our products can help!

Our Door is Open

Whether you’re picking up an order, looking to browse our inventory, or simply want to talk to someone face-to-face, we’re ready and eager to greet you! Explore our Hole Network map to find a location near you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

We are ready and Inspired to Serve® you at 855.318.8791, [email protected], or via Live Chat on