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Sculptor Transforms Metal into Stunning Wire Mesh Art Piece

Sculptor Shelley Parriott uses McNICHOLS® Stainless Steel Wire Mesh to create colorful cylinder feature.

Wire Mesh Art Piece

International sculptor, Shelley Parriott, created this colorful, unique project for an outdoor gallery exhibition. She showcases her sculptures to the public for enjoyment through special exhibitions that have gained nationwide recognition.

McNICHOLS® Wire Mesh in stainless steel made the sculpture shown here. Each Wire Mesh straw-like cylinder is 10 feet in length and was hand-rolled at Parriott's NY studio. The Wire Mesh was powder coated in a myriad of bright colors. The stunning sculpture measures approximately 14 feet in diameter.

Parriott's artistic vision comes to life in this mesmerizing installation, where the vibrant hues of the powder-coated Wire Mesh cylinders create a kaleidoscopic display. The interplay of color and form captures the essence of movement and energy, engaging viewers in an immersive experience.

As sunlight reflects on the stainless steel surface, the sculpture transforms throughout the day, casting dynamic shadows and evolving with the changing light.

With each meticulous detail, Parriott invites onlookers to explore the intersection of art and nature, making this sculpture a standout piece that adds a burst of creativity to the outdoor gallery exhibition.

A colorful Wire Mesh art sculpture displayed on grass.
Sculpture by Shelley Parriott using McNICHOLS® Stainless Steel Wire Mesh.

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