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Wire Mesh Steps up to the Plate in Cubs Team Store

DeMarsh Construction uses versatile Lock Crimp Wire Mesh to knock a new project out of the park: a two-story Chicago Cubs team store just outside of Wrigley Field.

The Hole Objective for the Cubs Team Store

Following their World Series win in 2016, new fans and longtime supporters clamored for merchandise to show their love for the Chicago Cubs. With such high demand, it was clear that Wrigley Field would need a new, sizable team store. A place where enthusiasts could buy traditional team gear and championship memorabilia. Continue reading to see how McNICHOLS was able to provide the perfect solution for the Cubs team store.

Mark DeMarsh and the DeMarsh Construction crew received a contract to construct a new retail store. The store would be just outside the stadium in the renovated Gallagher Way plaza. It would sell various apparel and souvenirs while providing an exciting game day experience for stadium attendees.

The task in front of DeMarsh Construction was to complete a two-story, 8,400-square-foot space. The space needed to reflect Wrigley Field’s ballpark theme and long-standing history. Additionally, the location would need to be equipped with eye-catching merchandise displays. Other requirements included a secure stairway to connect the first and second floors and signage to guide customers throughout the shop.

Lock Crimp Wire Mesh inside the Cubs Team Store.
McNICHOLS® Lock Crimp Wire Mesh inside the Chicago Cubs team store.

The Hole Solution for the Cubs Team Store

DeMarsh and his team found the answer in McNICHOLS® Lock Crimp Wire Mesh. This highly versatile material would be able to serve a variety of functions throughout the store. The aesthetics of the Wire Mesh were sleek and modern. Therefore, the team could implement the pieces while keeping a consistent theme throughout the store.

The creative vision aimed to cut and frame the panels at an angle. Thus, orienting the square openings to resemble a baseball diamond. After choosing and fabricating the material, the construction crew began installing the Steel Mesh.

Two views of the staircase and infill panels inside the Chicago Cubs Team Store.
The Chicago Cubs team store's staircase, comprised of Lock Crimp Wire Mesh infill panels.

With large game day crowds in mind, a secure and large-scale staircase was a top priority. For this reason, Lock Crimp Wire Mesh was an ideal choice to satisfy these safety requirements. As it would provide superior strength even under the pressure of leaning shoppers. DeMarsh Construction fit the Mesh into place as stair risers and railing infill panels to equip the staircase with ultimate stability.

Rows of cubbies made of Wire Mesh, all filled with Chicago Cubs hats in the Team Store.
Woven Wire Mesh used at the Chicago Cubs team store to create a hat display case.

McNICHOLS® Wire Mesh: The Key Element

They assembled the woven Wire Mesh panels into merchandise displays. It was clear that retailers would need storage for a large volume of apparel, accessories, and other Cubs gear. To appease this requirement, the team installed the Wire Mesh as an expansive shelving structure. This included units with individual slots to hold over 500 hats.

Additionally, the team needed to construct on-theme signage to guide customers around the store’s departments. They built four Wire Mesh panels to surround a support pillar for each sign. And then, they repeated this process throughout the location. The team then affixed department names to each side to create guiding markers for visitors.

Decorative Wire Mesh infill panels used to create signage at the Chicago Cubs team store.
Decorative Wire Mesh infill panels used to create signage at the Chicago Cubs team store.

The crew at DeMarsh added final touches by including Wire Mesh decorative wall panels and dividers throughout the store. With these installations completed, the location’s “opening day” had arrived. It was time to play ball!

Since its debut, the new Cubs team store has quickly become a favorite gathering destination and a bustling shopping area. Today, it stands as a central hub for all Cubs fans to show support for their favorite team.

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