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Telecommunication server in a data center.

Specialty Metals for Data Centers

The global expansion of the data center industry is evident, to say the least. In today's digital landscape, our society continues to experience a profound digital transformation, redefining the very structures that support our digital presence. Data centers, serving as the nerve centers of this transformation, are swiftly evolving to meet the escalating demands of digital data, cloud computing, AI, and IoT technologies. This evolution propels data centers towards unparalleled efficiency, dependability, and intricacy. Central to this transformative trajectory lies the deliberate integration of Specialty Metals—namely Perforated Metal, Expanded Metal, Wire Mesh, and Gratings—which play crucial roles in both the construction and refinement of contemporary data center infrastructures.

Benefits of Metal For Data Centers

In the data center industry, Specialty Metals play a crucial role beyond mere construction—they are integral to the very foundation of every data center structure. McNICHOLS provides essential materials to data center developers, supplying some of the most critical components that provide efficient airflow and cooling, secure barriers, and safe flooring systems. As a trusted supplier of Specialty Metals, we contribute to significant data center projects nationwide. Whether it's for reinforcing structural integrity, providing support for heavy equipment, organizing cable management systems, or adding a touch of aesthetic appeal, Specialty Metals are indispensable in data center construction.


A data center server enclosed with Specialty Metals.

Server Racks

Perforated Metal aids in airflow management, which is crucial for maintaining optimal temperatures within data center environments, thus enhancing the cooling efficiency of server racks and network systems.

A data center server secured with Wire Mesh.


Expanded Metal provides framing support, while Wire Mesh offers security solutions, ensuring the protection of sensitive data against unauthorized access, while safeguarding expensive equipment.

Bar Grating providing structural support and flooring to a data center.

Structural Support

Grating products offer durable flooring solutions that support heavy equipment while allowing for proper ventilation, contributing to a safe and efficient operational environment.

Product Recommendations

Render of Perforated Metal.

Perforated Metal

McNICHOLS® Perforated Metal, Round, AL/3003-H14, .0630" Thick, 1/16" Round on 7/64" Stgrd, 30% OA

Render of Expanded Metal.

Expanded Metal

McNICHOLS® Expanded Metal, Flattened, CS/HR, 3/4" No. 9, .923" SWD, 2.10" LWD, 64% OA

Render of Wire Mesh.

Wire Mesh

McNICHOLS® Wire Mesh, CS/CR Swage-Locked, 1" Sq Opg, .120" Wire, Intercrimp Weave, 80% OA

Render of Bar Grating.

Bar Grating

McNICHOLS® Bar Grating, AL/6063-T6, Swage-Locked, GAL-100 (19-S-4), 1" x 3/16" BB, Smooth, 80% OA

Specialty Metals for Every Industry

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