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McNICHOLS® Expanded Metal - Catwalk Grating

Expanded Metal Carbon Steel Catwalk Grating provides economical solutions for ramps, flooring, platforms, walkways, treads and other applications requiring a lightweight product. With the long way of the diamond running across a shorter span (width), Expanded Metal Catwalk Grating can carry heavier loads in its applied state. The next time you head down the highway and pass by a billboard, look up—you are likely to see a McNICHOLS® Expanded Metal Catwalk Grating platform!


McNICHOLS® Expanded Metal is made by slitting and stretching metal sheets to create diamond-shaped openings. This practical and versatile product line forms screens, window security panels, machine guards, and more. Decorative Expanded items are popular in shelving, signage, and ceiling tile applications. Expanded Metal is supplied in a Standard (Raised) diamond pattern or a Flattened variety, and materials include Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, and Stainless Steel. Expanded Metal Grating and Catwalk Grating are also part of our vast in-stock selection. Numerous gauges, opening sizes, and sheet sizes provide endless options that will surely fit your project requirements!


The following selections are important considerations to help you choose the right McNICHOLS® Expanded Metal product for your project or application. Please specify:



Product applications/uses include screening, ventilation, security enclosures, machine guards, ramps, catwalks, walkways, platforms, cabinet inserts, and more. We invite you to browse Expanded Metal applications in our Product and Application Gallery.


Design Direction

Determine the design direction (pattern direction). The Long Way of Design (LWD) runs parallel to the length of the sheet for the majority of inventory items.


Expanded Type

Choose from a wide variety of Flattened, Standard (Raised), Grating, Catwalk Grating, or Designer Expanded types.


Percent Open Area

Choose the percentage of open area desired in the Expanded Metal sheet.


Primary Material

Select the primary material type including Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, or Stainless Steel, taking into consideration climate or environmental realities. We provide more information on Primary Material Types in the links provided in the Overview section on the Expanded Metal Resources landing page.


Product Size, Form, & Quantity

Determine the number of sheets and/or sizes including cut-to-size pieces and shearing preference (e.g. Bond Shear or Random Shear).


Product Finish

Inventory is typically “mill finish” unless otherwise specified. We provide more information on Product Finishes in the links provided in the Overview section on the Expanded Metal Resources landing page.


Special Requirements

Specify any requirements such as fabrication, edge treatments, finishing, non-standard tolerances, etc. If your project calls for Infill Panels, an Infill Panel Worksheet is available in the Overview section on the Expanded Metal Resources landing page.


Style & Type

Choose the Short Way of Design (SWD) measurement in inches, material gauge number, or thickness in inches and expanded type (i.e. 3/4" No. #9 Flattened). For Grating and Catwalk Grating items, select the pounds per square foot desired (e.g. 3.14 # Grating (Standard), etc.).



Determine if Expanded Metal Accessories such as Angle, Flat Bar, and U-Edging framing solutions or Fasteners are required for your application.


This McNICHOLS® Expanded Metal load table can be saved, printed, or shared!

Grating & Catwalk Grating - Metals (Aluminum, Carbon Steel, & Stainless Steel)