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We’ve introduced a new brand mark! Learn more about it’s roots.

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McNichols® | Infill Panels

McNICHOLS® Infill Panels

Give your project the quality look it deserves! Adding McNICHOLS® Perforated Metal, Expanded Metal or Wire Mesh Infill Panels to your railings, risers, fencing, cabinets, facades or partitions, creates a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. Metal Hole Products offer a superior appearance and enhance security, all while being low maintenance compared to Infill Panel alternatives such as glass or pickets.

McNICHOLS® Infill Panels are custom-made from our large inventory of Hole Products and are available in various metals, patterns, gauges and open areas. We cut each Infill Panel to your exact specifications and frame pieces by welding Angle, Flat Bar or U-Edging along the perimeter. The result? A quality framed Infill Panel ready for installation!


McNICHOLS carries the most expansive selection of Perforated Metal in the nation, and we fabricate too! Perforated Metal is available in Round, Square, Slotted and Hexagonal Hole types which provides ventilation, visibility and a high strength-to-weight ratio. We also provide a complete line of Designer patterns that are sure to give your Infill Panels an elegant and intentional aesthetic!

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Expanded Metal Infill Panel as Retail Store Railing


With classic diamond-shaped openings, Expanded Metal is an attractive, yet durable option for your project needs. This practical and versatile product line forms Infill Panels for applications including partitions, shelving, signage and more. McNICHOLS offers Expanded Metal in Standard (Raised) or Flattened patterns in a variety of gauges, openings, materials and sheet sizes.

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Wire Mesh has the high-end aesthetics to enhance your project in many ways. Routinely incorporated in railing infills, cabinet inserts, plant screens and more, this dynamic product family suits nearly any design. As an added bonus, its lightweight properties make it easy to handle during installation. McNICHOLS carries an extensive selection of mesh and opening sizes, wire diameters, patterns and materials.

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Shop the largest inventory of Hole Products in the nation. With 19 locations across the country, experience superior customer service and fast delivery each time you partner with McNICHOLS.

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