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RAD Furniture's Perforated Metal Designs

The team at RAD Furniture has made their mark building one-of-a-kind Perforated products, from tables to chairs and beyond!

Ryan Anderson Design

Ryan Anderson has always been nontraditional. Surrounded by southern California's surf and skate culture during the 1980s, Andreson grew up shaped by it. The lifestyle, a celebration of standing out, taking risks, and expressing creativity, accompanied him throughout his journey. When the time eventually came to choose his path, these influences motivated Ryan to try something unique.

Anderson, with degrees in business and architecture, aimed to apply his expertise beyond a typical office environment. Rather than building an intangible business, he wanted to create something three-dimensional. After learning how to weld in grad school, he decided to begin working with metal. It started with a gate for his father but quickly grew into much more.

As he worked, Ryan began to find his niche experimenting with perforated metal designs to create durable, versatile furniture. The tangible product he dreamt of was starting to take shape. Before long, Anderson had assembled a team under the company name "RAD Furniture."

The company name, "Ryan Anderson Design," is not just an acronym. It also gives a nod to the skate culture that influenced its founder.

A photo of Ryan Anderson wearing a welding hood.
Ryan Anderson in his welding gear. Photo credit: @radfurniture

RAD Furniture's Unique Approach to Design

According to Ryan, his greatest design inspirations come from the material itself. Instead of establishing a model and then trying to find components to fit that vision, the team at RAD flips that approach and does a 180°.

They first begin by assessing the capabilities and attributes of a material or texture, then design around it. Anderson says this system helps his team avoid a common mistake - trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. So, RAD Furniture's specialty furniture, crafted with Round Hole Perforated Metal, just makes sense!

Soon into his venture, coffee shops approached Anderson for outdoor tables and seating. With these inquiries, RAD found its niche -- durable, outdoor furniture. Using perforated sheets, RAD began creating tables, chairs, and benches that were prepared to brave the elements.

Ryan says that their furniture avoids the "sail effect". We've all seen a piece of patio furniture or an umbrella being carried off by the wind. With holes in the metal, wind can pass through the furniture, rather than moving it with strong gusts.

Besides wind, water flow also plays a crucial role in making RAD's perforated furniture perfect for outdoor spaces. It dries or wipes down quickly, putting customers back in their seats. Perforated Metal's high strength-to-weight ratio allows RAD customers to easily carry or move their furniture. It maintains the strength and durability of the steel sheet, but the percentage of open area allows it to remain lightweight.

Close-up shots of RAD Furniture's Perforated Metal tables, painted black.
RAD Furniture Perforated Metal table. Photo credit: @radfurniture

Perforated Metal Designs

Beyond functionality, the team has found other benefits to the visual effects Round Perforated Panels offer. First and foremost, the company values its minimalistic design. As a lightweight and largely transparent product, RAD's furniture complements spaces without being bulky or obtrusive.

With holes typically set in a 60o staggered pattern, the company discovered an opportunity to experiment with unique diagonal supports between openings. This creative method allows RAD to attach furniture legs and other accessories without interrupting the design. Sometimes, the perforated metal designs can even create an optical illusion that the piece is floating.

A picture of someone holding a skateboard that was made out of Perforated Metal and painted black.
RAD Furniture Perforated Metal skateboard deck. Photo credit: @radfurniture

Beyond RAD Furniture

The visual interest of Perforated sparked another original creation from RAD--an item that is especially close to the founder's heart. Bringing one of his passions into his profession, Ryan and the team decided to develop a Perforated Metal skateboard deck. Through strategizing and prototyping, the team was able to introduce an aerodynamic board. The board would allow riders to see the ground beneath their feet.

Response to the skateboards has been overwhelmingly positive, and skaters who have used them experience an epic new way to ride. The decks' positive reception has demonstrated that blending work and play can lead to significant success.

Headshots of three people that work for RAD Furniture.
From left: Russell Hill, Matthew Wolak, Ruben Ruckman. Photo credit: @radfurniture

The RAD Furniture Team

With hard work and individuality, RAD has made a name for itself in the outdoor furniture industry and beyond. Companies like Harvard, Patagonia, Warby Parker, Sweetgreen, Snapchat, Whole Foods Market, and Google have all gained from the company's unique designs and dedication to quality.

 We are grateful to RAD for allowing us to be part of their success. In fact, we think it’s pretty gnarly!

To learn more about the team at RAD Furniture and their inspiring creations, please visit their website, check out their latest projects on Instagram, or watch this video!