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Is Expanded Metal Load Bearing?

In this post we'll tell you which of our Expanded Metal products are capable of carrying loads, while giving you some factors to keep in mind when choosing your Expanded Metal product.

Expanded Catwalk Grating

Expanded Catwalk is structurally stronger than Expanded Grating. Typically, you install it with the long way of the diamond running across the shorter span (width). Usually, you will see Catwalk installed as walkways or on elevated platforms.

For example, frequent applications include stadiums, event spaces, and billboard platforms. The next time you drive by a billboard, you will likely notice a platform made from Catwalk!

Expanded Metal Catwalk Grating used as a walkway for a billboard.
Expanded Catwalk Grating
Expanded Metal Grating used for a facade at The North Face store.
Expanded Grating

Expanded Grating

While Expanded Grating can bear weight, the specific amount it can carry depends on factors like material type and gauge. Durable materials that have higher load capabilities, such as stainless and carbon steel, typically feature these gratings. However, the lightweight nature of Aluminum Expanded Grating also allows its utilization as an architectural element for building facades, as shown in the right image.

Don't forget that Expanded Metal Grating and Catwalk have load tables to help you determine which product is best for your walkway or platform needs.

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