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Fiberglass Grating Platforms at Kennedy Space Center

Strength and slip resistance made McNICHOLS® Fiberglass Grating and Stair Treads the best choice for Space Center launch pad.

Fiberglass Grating Platforms: Launch Pad 39B

McNICHOLS is proud to be a supplier of materials used in connection to Kennedy Space Center, America's space program. McNICHOLS® Pultruded I-Bar Fiberglass Grating and Pultruded I-Bar Fiberglass Grating Stair Treads were selected for use on Launch Pad 39B on the upper 8th level. Fiberglass Grating has many features and benefits that make it the ideal solution for almost any outdoor use. It is lightweight and easy to fabricate in the field, which is a great advantage for workers that are on elevated platforms. The particular Fiberglass Grating chosen was fire retardant, non-conductive, and corrosion-resistant, yielding a long life span and low maintenance. The Fiberglass Grating Platforms and Stair Treads are also slip resistant for safer footing.

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