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We’ve introduced a new brand mark! Learn more about the inspiration and it’s roots.

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We’ve introduced a new brand mark! Learn more about it’s roots.

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McNICHOLS® Product & Application Gallery | perforated metal

McNICHOLS® Hole Products are the first choice made by architects and contractors, including DIY customers for countless applications - from flooring to exterior building facades to railing infill panels - you'll find McNICHOLS® Hole Products in commercial, industrial and retail settings across the country. Varying opening sizes and shapes are lightweight yet strong on security and they're the perfect solution for light and sound diffusion, including filtration for gasses, liquids and solids. Many of our Hole Products offer the load-bearing capability for walking and working surfaces. The aesthetic qualities of McNICHOLS® Hole Products provide unlimited design possibilities to meet your needs and exceed your expectations!