McNICHOLS® Wire Mesh

Designer Mesh, SHIRE 8141, Stainless Steel (SS), Type 316, Woven - Plain Weave, 38% Open Area
McNICHOLS® Wire Mesh, Designer Mesh, SHIRE 8141, Stainless Steel, Type 316, Mill Finish, Woven - Plain Weave, Long Way of Opening (LWO) Parallel to Width of Sheet, 38% Open Area

ITEM 3181410048 - 48" x 96"

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Item Number 3181410048
Product Line Designer Metals
Designer Type Designer Mesh
Construction Type Designer Woven
Series Name SHIRE
Series Number 8141
Primary Material Stainless Steel (SS)
Alloy, Grade or Type Type 316 (316)
Material Finish Mill Finish
Weave Type Woven - Plain Weave
Percent Open Area 38%
Weight 1.22 Lbs./Square Foot
Product Form Sheet
Sizes (Width x Length) 48" x 96"


Designer Metals—Perforated Metals, Expanded Metals, Wire Mesh and Textured Metals—add distinct, elegant style to a variety of architectural applications. Available in several materials and unique patterns, McNICHOLS® Designer Metals are certain to give your design the unforgettable look you desire.


The following selections are important considerations to help you choose the right McNICHOLS® Designer product for your project or application. Please specify:



Product applications/uses include wall and ceiling panels, interior and exterior wall cladding, column wraps, partitions, retail display panels, shelving, cabinet inserts, raining infill panels, baskets, furniture, fixtures and more! We invite you to browse Designer Metals applications in our Gallery.


Designer Type

Choose from a wide variety of Designer Perforated, Designer Expanded, Designer Mesh or Designer Textured patterns.


Series Name & Number

Specify the Designer Metals series name and number (if applicable) for your unique design or project. For example, we carry several Designer Mesh SHIRE series items. Each item has a pattern number associated with it (e.g. SHIRE 8148).


Primary Material / Product Finish

Select the primary material type including Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Copper, Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel. Some patterns have more than one primary material (e.g. Copper/Stainless). Inventory is typically “mill finish” unless otherwise specified. We provide more information on Primary Material Types and Product Finishes in the links provided in the Overview section on the Designer Metals Resources landing page.


Alloy, Grade, or Type

While all Hole Products have an alloy, grade or type, making this selection for Designer Metals is particularly important for application purposes. For example, choosing the right type of Stainless Steel (Type 304, Type 316L, etc.) is an important consideration if your application is in an environment where corrosive elements are present. For example, if your application is near saltwater, choosing Stainless Steel, Type 316L is critical for the longevity of your project.


Material Gauge / Thickness

If your product choice is Designer Perforated or Designer Textured, choose the material gauge number or thickness in inches. The Gauges, Thicknesses & Weights by Primary Material table on the Designer Metals Resources landing page has additional information.


Percent Open Area

Identify the percentage of open area desired in the Designer Metals sheet.


Margin / End Pattern

Specify solid margin preferences on width and/or length of sheet if required for your application. Most inventory 11 Gauge and lighter has minimum solid side margins running the length of the sheet and no end margins running the width of the sheet (material ends are sheared through). Sheets heavier than 11 Gauge typically have either a finished or unfinished pattern with corresponding end margins.


Product Size, Form & Quantity

Determine the number of sheets including cut-to-size pieces for your project.


Special Requirements

Specify any requirements such as fabrication, edge treatments, finishing, non-standard tolerances, etc.



Determine if Designer Metals Accessories such as Angle, Flat Bar, or U-Edging framing solutions is required for your application.


View additional McNICHOLS® Designer Metals Resources on tolerances, conversions, available sizes, and more!



Helpful Designer Metals reference guides to save, print, or share!