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What is McNICHOLS® Dedicated Delivery?

At McNICHOLS, we value your order and understand how important it is that they arrive safely and on time. To continue to better serve our customers, we have introduced a new program in select areas we call, Dedicated Delivery. This program allows us to serve our local customers across the country by offering an individualized delivery experience that will exceed expectations every time.

McNICHOLS® Dedicated Delivery

We understand the challenges that our customers face in a time of uncertain supply chains. Despite shipment delays becoming an industry standard, we are taking this challenge head-on. We uphold our commitment to continuing to serve our customers with super service, quality, and performance. To do that, Dedicated Delivery was developed to provide customers with friendly, individualized, and reliable order delivery that extends the exceptional customer experience received at the time of order.

We know the LTL delivery methods can be challenging. To eliminate difficulties, Dedicated Delivery runs flatbed service routes at competitive freight rates in some of our largest metros. We are expanding to new cities around each of our branches rapidly.

As you place your order, let an associate know your preferred delivery date. Dedicated Delivery offers a reliable drop-off experience that works with your job or project schedule.

What are the Benefits of Dedicated Delivery?

The Dedicated Delivery program goes the extra mile when it comes to delivering your next order. We will cover some of the top reasons why Dedicated Delivery may be the perfect solution for your next project.

1. Avoid Shipment Delays

Meeting deadlines is more challenging than ever with shipment delays. Remove the additional stress of a late order by receiving consistent and dependable deliveries. With different routes running throughout the week, the process is as simple as placing your order and letting us know when you need it. With McNICHOLS® Dedicated Delivery, you can have the confidence that your order will arrive on your schedule.

2. Damage-Free Deliveries to Your Door

Our team of dedicated delivery drivers has access to specialized equipment that allows them to easily load and unload your products into their delivery vehicles. This dedicated equipment reduces the handling of your materials and thus prevents damage to your order.

3. Easier Unloading and Materials Handling

Your orders are delivered directly to you with a covered flatbed truck every time. The accordion canopy covering keeps your orders safe from environmental elements. The canopy simplifies the unloading process and allows our team to side-unload your order no matter the stop.

4. Dedicated and Knowledgeable Driver

A consistent and friendly member of our Dedicated Delivery team will greet you with your order. With our dedicated drivers, they will get to know your location and unloading preferences. This consistency allows for a smooth and pleasurable delivery every time.

Dedicated Delivery gives you even more reliable drop off with the same driver and same friendly smile. Need something delivered on your time? That will always continue to be an option from McNICHOLS!

How can you Sign Up for Dedicated Delivery?

If you are interested in learning more about the McNICHOLS® Dedicated Delivery program and finding if routes are available in your area, we invite you to call a member of our "Hole Team" to learn more today, or the next time you order ask about Dedicated Delivery shipping options.