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National Welding Month Giveaway

In celebration and appreciation of welders nationwide, we are excited to announce our National Welding Month Giveaway!

This month, lucky participants have the chance to win a cutting-edge branded Lincoln Electric VIKING 3250D FGS Welding Helmet, marked by its advanced features and superior protection—an estimated value of $667. The helmet, model number K3540-3, boasts innovative technology designed to enhance safety and visibility for welders. This giveaway underscores McNICHOLS's commitment to supporting welding professionals, providing them with safe, top-of-the-line equipment to excel in their craft.

Side view of a sleek McNICHOLS branded welding helmet, featuring adjustable straps and a tinted visor, displayed as the prize in a giveaway.
A zoomed side view of the branded welding helmet, featuring the McNICHOLS 'M' Logo.
Back view of a McNICHOLS branded welding helmet, featuring sleek design and adjustable straps. This helmet is the prized giveaway item, perfect for ensuring safety and precision during welding tasks.

Helmet Details

  • 4C Lens Technology: Broadens the color range & hues, which can be seen in both light and dark states. This eliminates imperfections and color saturation to create the clearest view of the base material, arc, & puddle.
  • Perfect 1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity: This rating is determined by measuring blurriness, distortion, shade consistency, and angle uniformity of the auto-darkening lens.
  • Largest Viewing Area for Product Type: The 12.5-square-inch auto-darkening viewing area provides a widescreen view, which increases versatility and operator control.
  • Digital Controls
  • What's Included

  • Helmet bag
  • Bandana
  • Five KP3700-1 outside cover lenses
  • Two KP3701-1 inside cover lenses
  • One sticker sheet
  • McNICHOLS is not just a Specialty Metals and Fiberglass supplier; we're your trusted partner, dedicated to keeping you ahead of the curve and meeting market demands. We invite you to submit the form below and enter for a chance to win!