Special Note: To determine the load for the types listed in the Coversion Table below, multiply the load table values in the second table below by the designated load factor.


* Typically, your selection, for a given load and span, should fall within the shaded areas. Spans in shaded areas produce a deflection of 1/4 inch or less for a uniform load of 100 pounds per square foot. This deflection is recommended to provide comfortable safety margins, but may be exceeded at the discretion of the engineer.

** The specifier is responsible for verifying conformance of this product with applicable codes associated with its intended use.

Bar Grating is also available with a serrated surface by special order. Caution: For serrated grating, select a bearing bar height 1/4 inch greater than specified for non-serrated grating.

The carrying capacity of a piece of grating subjected to a concentrated load over only a portion of its width is determined by the stiffness of both the bearing bars and the cross bars, and therefore varies with the type of grating used. To determine carrying capacity of gratings subject to such loadings, please call McNICHOLS (800-237-3820).