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School Construction + McNICHOLS: 18 Campuses in a Class of Their Own

McNICHOLS products can be seen in a variety of functions on campuses across the country. Here are some of our favorite applications that we think make the grade!

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When it comes to school construction, McNICHOLS® products can be seen in a variety of functions! From facades and flooring to security enclosures and railings—Hole Products are a staple on campuses across the country. Today, we're sharing some of our favorite applications that we think make the grade!

1. Edgewood High School

Variations of custom Perforated Metal played an essential role to the updates of a multi-sports complex located at Edgewood High School campus in West Covina, California, including the venue's sports-related entrance, gate entrances, and exterior restroom doors.

McNICHOLS® wire mesh used at Roosevelt High School in Seattle

2. Armstrong Campus at Georgia Southern University

At Georgia Southern University’s Armstrong Campus, Aluminum Bar Grating helped solve sunshade and design challenges while contributing to sustainable building practices.

aluminum I-bar grating used at Northeastern University

3. Roosevelt High School

When Seattle's Roosevelt High School prepared to add a new auditorium as part of a major renovation, designers chose McNICHOLS® Wire Mesh for its flexibility, light diffusion, sound redistribution, and glittery good looks to hide can-lights, catwalks, and other equipment behind a metallic shimmer.

McNICHOLS® wire mesh used at Roosevelt High School in Seattle

4. Northeastern University

At a Northeastern University rooftop terrace, Aluminum I-Bar Grating was chosen for connector planking that could be easily detached and snapped back into place while complementing the garden plan.

aluminum I-bar grating used at Northeastern University

5. Spokane Community College

At the entrance of The Science and Mathematics Building at Spokane Community College, Perforated Metal adds security and contemporary aesthetics to balcony and staircase railings.

perforated metal infill panels used at Spokane Community College

6. Arizona State University

At an Arizona State University locker room, Aluminum Perforated Metal was used as a ceiling panel focal point. The metal was fabricated into a circular disk, and the small-holed panel became the perfect location to affix a colorful graphic of "Sparky, the Sun Devil," the university's famous and beloved mascot!

aluminum perforated metal ceiling panel at ASU

7. Walsh University

McNICHOLS® Designer Mesh, TECHNA™ 3150 has been a very popular solution for infill panels of all types. Walsh University incorporated the mesh into their dormitory stairways and balconies as a safety feature for their student activity center.

TECHNA 3150 designer mesh used to create infill panels at Walsh University

8. Cleveland State University

Planners wanted Cleveland State University’s parking garage to stand out on its busy corner, yet remain safe for students. McNICHOLS® TECHNA™ 3155 Wire Mesh was chosen for the exterior, while Slotted Perforate Metal is utilized in the upper levels.

TECHNA 3155 designer wire mesh used at Cleveland State University's parking garage

9. The Awty International School

On this Early Learning campus, ECO-MESH® provides a picturesque security solution! The Awty International School in Houston uses these panels to create a lush exterior scenery, all while ensuring safety for the students within.

The Awty International School in Houston utilizing ECO-MESH panels to create an appealing-looking fence

10. University of South Florida

An assortment of Perforated Metal panels in three different hole sizes clad the exterior of this USF building. During the day, the Aluminum feature functions as sunshades. At night, LED lighting behind the panels shines through to illuminate downtown Tampa in a bright and unique display!

perforated metal at the downtown Tampa USF building used to create lighting effects

11. University of Maryland

At the University of Maryland, Square Perforated Metal infill panels form guardrails along an impressive staircase! The panels, which feature a large percentage of Open Area, allow light from large windows to diffuse throughout the A. James Clark School of Engineering.

square perforated metal infill panels at the University of Maryland

12. Hastings College

At Hastings College, Perforated Metal panels form a functional and artistic sculpture on the exterior of the Jackson Dinsdale Art Center. In addition to adding visual interest, the Metal acts as a sunshade for the building's windows that lead to studios and exhibits indoors.

perforated metal panels help create a functional and artistic sculpture on the exterior of the Jackson Dinsdale Art Center

13. Full Sail University

A wall of Perforated Metal forms a façade at Full Sail University, located outside Orlando, Florida. As one of the main buildings on campus, the architectural feature is a striking focal point for visitors, faculty, and students alike!

a wall of perforated metal at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida

14. School of the Woods

At the School of the Woods, Perforated Metal disperses light and preserves an open, sunny design! The infill panels add a secure staircase railing to the Houston, Texas, building that houses high school classrooms and a gym.

perforated metal infill panels at the School of the Woods

15. University of Florida

On the University of Florida campus, McNICHOLS® Wire Mesh helps build an indoor habitat for hundreds of butterflies to thrive! This Hole Product provides an enclosed and ventilated environment that diffuses light to the "Butterfly Rainforest" at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

wire mesh used to create a ventilated enclosure for the

16.  Florida Atlantic University

At Florida Atlantic University, a wall of ECO-MESH® embellishes the Boca Raton football stadium. With the help of this dynamic Hole Product, Owls fans are greeted by an expansive green wall as they enter the arena to cheer on their team!

FAU's football stadium uses ECO-MESH to create an eye-catching green wall

17. University of Houston

At the University of Houston, the East parking garage stands out thanks to five sprawling levels of Perforated Metal infill panels! Installed as railing, the durable product adds safety and style to this Texas campus.

perforated metal used to create railing at the University of Houston's parking garage

18. Tampa Preparatory School

At Tampa Preparatory School, ECO-MESH® bridges the gap between outdoors and in! The trellis panels support a growing living wall that establishes a lush, green environment for students lounging at picnic tables.

Tampa Preparatory School utilizing ECO-MESH panels to bring a green environment near their lunch tables

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School Construction + McNICHOLS: 18 Campuses in a Class of Their Own
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