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6 Ways to Use Perforated Metal

Perforated Metal has a variety of applications including heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), filtration, aesthetics, and more. Learn how McNICHOLS® Perforated Metal can fill the hole in your next project!

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With such a wide variety of materials, styles, patterns and sizes available for Perforated Metal, the uses for this product are endless. Perforated Metal is a special type of sheet metal which has punched holes in a variety of patterns — or as we like to call it, design, character, and functionality! Perforated Metal has a variety of applications in heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), filtration, aesthetics, and more. Many industries can benefit from using Perforated Metal in their projects such as architecture, engineering and construction to name a few.

Today, we will be covering some of the top ways and reasons that Perforated Metal may be used in your next project.

1. Perforated Metal Allows Ventilation & Airflow

You may use Perforated Metal for your HVAC system to improve its overall appearance and ensure occupants benefit from heating or cooling without the bothersome noise of a loud system.

In HVAC units, Perforated Metal can be used in diffusion systems and air ducts because it distributes air consistently and evenly. It acts as a silencer, allowing a system to run quietly. It's also aesthetically pleasing, giving someone the benefit of a high-functioning system that looks just as good as it functions. Often times, Perforated Metal is chosen to help lightly conceal or distract from unsightly electrical equipment or internal components.

A diffuser is one component of an HVAC system that may use Perforated Metal. The diffuser allows air to disperse evenly throughout creating a comfortable environment. It also ensures that the home or building doesn't have temperature changes that go from one extreme to another, and makes sure inhabitants are breathing, fresh clean air!

Another piece of an HVAC system that uses Perforated Metal is a silencer. Without this part, the noise from the fan and other components of the HVAC would move throughout the building, creating a bothersome environment for residents.

2. Perforated Metal Filters Particles

Because you can customize the hole size for your preference and purpose, you may use this metal to filter an assortment of materials. In fact, various industries use Perforated Metal filtration, including the food service, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries, to name a few.

When Perforated Metal is used for filtration, it keeps dust and other particles from entering a system or the goods being made. You may use these to ensure safety and quality and prevent contamination.

Aggregated sorting is another purpose of Perforated Metal. For instance, you may opt for Perforated Metal solutions if you need to sort items, like peanuts, small fruits, pills, or rocks to name a few. It's also useful in mining, manufacturing, and agriculture to hold or sort materials. Contraptions like custom size sifters, baskets, or screens can all be made using Perforated Metal similarly to products like Wire Mesh. We can customize the Perforated Metal to your desired hole size.

3. Perforated Metal can Provide Light Filtration & Privacy

Feeling exposed and contending with bright lights can be a bit of a pain at times, but you may use Perforated Metal to create a more suitable environment for work or relaxation.

A Perforated Metal sheet can serve the purpose of filtering light and help with privacy. Keeping peeping eyes from getting a solid view! In a public setting, you may use it at an indoor or outdoor dining venue as a wall between patrons or other buildings or within sections of your building, guaranteeing your diners have a more private experience. When used for this purpose, the metal lets air pass through, so you still have ventilation whenever you place it. Plus, you may choose the design, spacing, and sizing of the holes. Decorative Perforated Metal may be a great option for these type of specific interior, recreational establishments.

Perforated Metal could also be used as a partition in a building or even outside. Rather than having to install an entirely new wall in a building, you may use this metal to section off areas of a large indoor or outdoor space. Outside, you may use it like a fence and it works great as Railing Infill Panels for this reason!

4. Perforated Metal Filters & Absorbs Sound

A noisy area may lead to headaches and increased anxiety, and loud concert venues without the proper acoustics may fail to carry the sound to the entire audience. However, Perforated Metal is a method to alter both.

Some materials absorb sound waves and bounce them around. It's not until the waves diffuse on their own that they stop. This can create a very noisy environment in some locations. Perforated surfaces can disperse the soundwaves quickly, making the space less noisy.

It's possible to use Perforated Metal indoors or outdoors for this application. Use Perforated Metal near a building in proximity to a busy road to drown out the noise of the highway. It changes the loud noise to ambient white noise inside the building. In facilities where equipment is being run, the overall atmosphere can become quite blusterous. The metal can reduce this noise and create a better environment for workers.

When you use them in concert halls and meeting venues, the metal can contain a noisy area from the quieter sections surrounding it. In this setting and in others that require people to be able to hear a speaker or musician, Perforated Metal may diffuse sound. As a result, it'll improve the overall sound quality, allowing the audience to hear the performer more clearly.

5. Perforated Metal offers Design Appeal

This type of metal is anything but boring since you may use it to add a pop of color or texture.

Because of a Perforated Metal sheet's versatility and customizability, it can be aesthetically appealing in any setting. Everything from the color to the size and position of the holes can be chosen. Perforated Metal offers a unique way to display your business’ brand and style that is visible from afar. Incorporate elements with Perforated Metal to add texture or shape to the design.

Besides standard Perforated Metal, we also offer Perforated Designer Metal for aesthetic purposes. With these options, you have a wider variety to select from, such as Designer Perforated Metal, Designer Expanded Metal, Designer Wire Mesh, and Designer Textured Metal. All of these feature unique patterns and construction types to help make your project or space like none other.

It may be used for screens, wall panels, suspended ceilings, awnings, facades, and more.

6. Perforated Metal for Utility Purposes

Opting for this kind of metal for utility purposes is practical since you may use it for organizational reasons, and it's long-lasting.

Perforated Metal can be practical when used in a shed, cellar, or professional workspace. Rather than cork, pegboard or another similar wall panel material that will degrade over time, metal is long-lasting. Consider Perforated Plastic Sheets or Perforated Metal for full or custom-sized wall panels to help organize any work or play area.

In conclusion, Perforated Metal offers countless features and benefits. Some of the more frequent applications include adding it to an HVAC system for both ventilation and airflow as well as a sound diffuser. The custom hole size of Perforated Metal allows it to be a perfect solution for sorting and filtering out particles of all sizes. Perforated Metal also allows for privacy within rooms and buildings while still maintaining an open space and an aesthetically pleasing design. These are just some of the reasons thousands of customers choose to incorporate McNICHOLS® Perforated Metal in their projects each year!

We invite you to learn more! We are ready and Inspired to Serve® you at 855.318.8791, sales@mcnichols.com or via Live Chat on mcnichols.com.

6 Ways to Use Perforated Metal
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