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Items that contain a green check mark are available for online ordering.

Registered users can now order select sizes of McNICHOLS® Hole Products online! Simply Log In or Register to view pricing, choose items, and check out instantly using a credit card (quantity and shipping qualifications may apply -- our page has additional details). A green check mark icon will be displayed next to items eligible for online ordering. Experience fast shipping via UPS on product sizes ideal for smaller applications.

McNICHOLS also offers a wide range of larger product sizes in stock! We are ready to provide you with a fast quote via our Shopping Cart quote request process. Should you have any questions, a knowledgeable McNICHOLS associate is ready to assist you at 866.285.1623 ext. 8052, [email protected], or via . We look forward to serving you!


McNICHOLS provides a wide selection of Accessories specifically for our product offerings, including Angles, Carrier Plates, Clips, Flat Bar (Banding), Nosing, U-Edging, and more. Accessories complete Hole Product designs with a clean finish, minimal guesswork, and optimal long-term results. Please allow us to start and finish your amazing design with McNICHOLS® Product Accessories!


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