Standard Quantity Tolerances
When you request a quote, if you do not specify a quantity tolerance, McNICHOLS will provide exact quantity.

Standard Shearing (Cutting) Tolerances
Wire Diameter
18 gauge and lighter +/- 1/8 inch
13 - 16 gauge +/- 1/8 inch
12 gauge and heavier +/- wire diameter, but not less than +/-1/8 inch

Note: Tolerances may vary depending on length and type of material.

Standard Circle Shearing Tolerance
Heavy Gauge
Light Gauge
0.063 inch stainless steel 0.010 gauge carbon steel
0.047 inch stainless steel 0.010 gauge stainless steel
Maximum and Minimum 3 - 48 inch diameter: tolerance of +/- 1/8 inch, expect 11 gauge which has a tolerance of +/- 3/16 inch
Standard Squareness Tolerances
Unless otherwise specified, McNICHOLS’ standard squareness tolerance is +/- 1/8 inch