Lead Time
Please specify when you need the item. Specifying a lead time helps us to serve you better. If you have very short lead times, consider a stock item that best meets your specifications. We ship stock items within 24 hours after you place your order.

End Use
McNichols may be able to offer a less expensive alternative if we understand the end use. In addition, knowing the end use will allow us to verify the suitability of the product for its intended application. Information to include in the "End Use" field include:
  • The application (filter, walkway, etc.)
  • The environment it will be in (marine, food processing, acidic conditions, animal cages, high snow accumulation, etc.)
  • Any special requirements (sizing, appearance, or performance considerations )
Note: The "End Use" field is for short messages only. Use the "Comments" field to add longer explanations of end use or additional requirements.

Compliance Data
If you require documentation showing compliance with Federal specifications or information regarding stress values or other engineering specifications, please explain these requirements in the comments field when requesting a quote from the stock list or quote form.