McNICHOLS® Quality Wire Mesh - ECO-MESH Products

An ECO-MESH® Trellis System is a modular wire mesh grid system designed to support a variety of plants and vines that can be freestanding or attached to stationary structures. Common applications are: wall-mounted trellises, column trellises, modular partitions, free-standing trellises, arbors and planters, and decorative enclosures. ECO-MESH® offers architects, designers, contractors, and property owners many aesthetic, sustainable and functional green-build opportunities. ECO-MESH® Panels are strong and durable while being lightweight.

Why Use ECO-MESH® Systems?

Aesthetic Benefits: Enhances the appearance of structures, hides unsightly equipment, and encloses areas to create privacy screens using natural elements.

Green Benefits: Cleans and cools air by absorbing carbon oxides, heavy metal particals and emissions. The trellis system helps buffer wind and sound and decreases energy consumption by regulating air temperature.

Structural Benefits: Helps preserve the structural integrity of a building by supporting the weight of vines and other plants while keeping them away from walls and other building surfaces. The trellis system prevents building deterioration by protecting structures from UV, weather and temperature fluctuations.

For more information on ECO-MESH® Systems please call one of our Architectural Team Members at 866.754.5144.

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