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HD Series Aluminum Planks are made using an aluminum extrusion process. The surface on standard HD Series plank is vented with rectangular-shaped openings, along with long raised ribs running parallel to the plank length and additional short raised ribs by each rectangular opening which helps provide slip resistance. These planks are similar to the DIAMONDBACK® Deckplate Plank by having a system of integral support bearing bars making it a strong plank grating option.

Standard HD Series Planks are available 6 inches wide in 20 foot lengths. Stock options include plank heights from 3/4 to 2 inches, others by special order. (Solid surface planks with a ribbed surface are also available, along with an optional vented surface plank with punched 45 degree angled slots, by special order.)For lighter loading, consider our DIAMONDBACK ® Lightweight Deckplate Planks found in the next product section under Serrated Solid Plank.

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HD Extruded Plank


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