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For an economical solution for lighter traffic ramps, walkways, treads or other types of structural applications – consider Expanded Grating or Expanded Catwalk. The open diamond truss configuration is a much heavier gauge than regular expanded metal and provides sure footing. With Expanded “Grating”, the width of the sheet is parallel to the short way of the diamond opening, the length is parallel to the long way of the diamond opening. With Expanded “Catwalk”, the opposite is true – the short way of the diamond runs parallel to the length of the sheet (typically 10 foot) and the long way of the diamond/opening runs the short dimension of the sheet. Catwalk is structurally stronger because the long way of the diamond runs across the shorter supported span.

Expanded Grating is available in plain steel styles ranging from 3 to 6.25# per square foot; Catwalk Grating, 4.27# per square foot; Aluminum Expanded Grating, 2# per square foot.

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Expanded Metal Grating

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