McNICHOLS strives to always create a positive experience for all of our customers. Below you will find some comments from many of our happy customers:

"I was thoroughly impressed with the way Debbie Mills (Cleveland inside Sales) handled my telephone call from start to finish. I found her service-oriented attitude and level of professionalism extremely refreshing. She immediately gave me the impression that my call was very important to her, and the company. She went out of her way to make sure my questions were answered in a thorough, but timely manner. The account set-up process was painless, the quotation process was efficient and complete, and I received my order on time.

I am compelled to provide this feedback because it stands out as one of the best examples of customer service I have encountered. In today’s business world, service of this level REALLY stands out. It’s something your organization should be proud of. Needless to say, I won’t hesitate to call McNichols for future “hole product” needs."

- Mike Pfisterer
Garsite, LLC

"I would just like to add that the three people that we deal with are wonderful. My husband and I are a small miscellaneous metal company and your employees treat us with the utmost professionalism and are down to earth. We gladly recommend your company when the opportunity presents itself. I don’t believe we tell each other often enough when a good job is done and you have a wonderful team. It is a pleasure dealing with McNichols and the team that services us."

- Clayton & Lynn Saucier
Saucier’s Misc. Metal Works, LLC

"I contacted Debbie Olson on Tuesday per material that I’m in need of for safe guarding some of my equipment. I deal with many contractors, vendors, etc. She was by far the most helpful, professional, and knowledgeable about product information. Price definitely is a concern, but I put just as much value in service. In the future I will use McNichols for my fencing/metal needs."

- "Steve Rhoades" Maintenance Manager
Otto Environmental Systems

"We received the grating about an hour ago. It is on it’s way to the project. You are our HERO. In my 17 years of business I have met few vendors that really care about customer service. Our customer is fascinated that this emergency repair came together this fast. Other Contractors told them it would take one to two weeks to get the materials that we will have it installed by dark tonight.

Thank you so much for helping a NEW Customer with a Small order. This speaks loudly and proudly for McNichols. Take this to your supervisor or send me your supervisors email address. That person needs to know that you went the extra mile for us. Thank you again."

- Mike Greenwood, Owner
Louana Construction Corporation

"Personnel at McNichols has always been very helpful and knowledgeable. The office staff and sales force are quick to help and always offer a solution to fit my needs."

- Rodney Kennedy
GST Manufacturing

"Carol - Just wanted to let you know that the grates you built for us worked perfectly. The 9 inch circles you fabricated fit our application perfect. Communications, follow-up and information that was provided by you, made this project run effortlessly. It’s a real pleasure to deal with professional people like yourself."

- Michael "Shane" Vaporis, Director of Operations
Innisbrook Condominium Association Inc.

"Kudos’ to the lady who answers your phone - - Hope. Simply put, she was the most pleasant person I’ve dealt with over the phone in a long time. That’s gold for any business. Wish that everyone had such a disposition."

- Robert Hill, Regional Account Executive
ARROW Truck Sales, Inc.

"I thought I would take a little time to give you and McNichols Co. some positive feedback. I know that often times, only the customers with negative feedback take the time to express their opinions. I like the friendliness of the people that I have talked to at McNichols. Everyone is friendly and cooperative and I enjoy working with you and the others.

I also appreciate the ’little things’ such as the thank you letter that I received from you with an actual hand-written signature. Customer service is something that you take very seriously and I like that.

Lastly, a very important item to me is the Christian philosophy of the company. I like the boldness in which your company stands for the principles it was founded on. Please keep up the good work and thanks!"

- Karl J. Seele, Purchasing Manager
New Dymax Inc.

"BRAINS, EXPERIENCE, COMMUNICATION SKILLS, HELPFULNESS !!! You’ve got those and more. You told me more about grating than I think anyone here even knows, and we’ve got some smart people. You have helped me so much in my project I don’t know how to thank you enough. Finding a knowledgeable person to talk to at a supplier is half the battle, and boy are you knowledgeable !!

Please forward this to your boss and let him/her know you’re saving lives in the real world by telling us engineers how to use grating the RIGHT way !!!

Absolute best wishes to you and thanks for sharing your knowledge."

- Link Worthen, Facilities/Industrial Engineer
General Dynamics