Bar Grating - Press Locked Spacing/Characteristics

GAA, GBB, GCC and GDD C to C Bar Spacing Diagram/Grating Characteristics
Series Spacing Diagram
Cross Bar
Bearing Bar
Open Area
Open Space
GAA All Press-Locked Bar Grating: Aluminum Press-Locked Applications include:
· Walkways
· Platforms
· Decking
· Sidewalks
· Areaways
· Grills
· Dividers
· Screens
· Vault Covers
· Trench Covers in Pedestian Areas


See the load tables for bearing bar heights and the respective load and deflection data.

Use the Conversion Calculator to convert inches to metric.

Note: Press locked should be installed with the “flush” side up (the side where the cross and bearing bars are the same height).

Available with a serrated surface by special order (reduced loading applies, see load table)

Aluminum grating is typically supplied as mill finish and is treated with a caustic cleaner after fabrication