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What in an ECO-MESH® Trellis System?
An ECO-MESH® Trellis System is a modular wire mesh grid system designed to support a variety of plants and vines that can be freestanding or attached to stationary structures. Common applications are:
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Why use ECO-MESH® Trellis Systems?

Aesthetic Benefits
• Enhances the appearance of buildings, parking garages, entryways, backyards, streets, parks, etc.
• Hides unsightly mechanical equipment, service areas, storage access and unattractive building features.
• Encloses areas and creates privacy screens using natural elements.

"Green" Benefits*
• Cleans and cools air by absorbing carbon oxides, heavy metal particles and emissions.
• Helps to buffer wind and sound.
• Decreases energy consumption by regulating air temperature.
• Can contribute to LEEDS point credits in several categories, such as sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, and innovation in design.

Structural Benefits
• Helps preserve the structural integrity of a building by supporting the weight of vines and other plants while keeping them away from walls and other building surfaces.
• Slows building deterioration by protecting structures from UV, weather and temperature fluctuations.

*Many cities and municipalities are developing programs that encourage, and sometimes even require, a certain percentage of vegetative coverage. An ECO-MESH® Trellis System is one of the easiest and most space efficient ways to incorporate this design element. Environmental experts predict that by 2015 more than 30% of the nation’s 100 largest cities will have a "green factor" requirement.

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  What makes ECO-MESH® Trellis Systems superior?
Check Mark Superior Strength and Durability: The system offers structural support that is superior to other systems. Woven Wire Mesh
flexes to allow for increasing vine load as plants grow.
Check Mark Durable Powder Coat Finish: Series 38 powder coating is standard, providing high weather and UV resistance. We offer 12
standard colors to choose from, with custom color options also available.
Check Mark Engineering and Installation Services: Call our Architectural Design Consultants at 866-754-5144 to learn more.
Check Mark Fast Delivery: Standard shaped panels typically ship in two weeks or less. Custom shapes and sizes also available.
Check Mark Exceptional Value: ECO-MESH® Trellis Systems gives you Quality, Service and Fast Delivery all at a competitive price!
  Download our ECO-MESH® Trellis Systems brochure now for complete product specifications!