ECO-ROCK™ is a decorative gabion-style wire work container that can be site filled with a wide range of materials, such as natural rock, recycled concrete, glass and more. Used in both interiors and exteriors, ECO-ROCK™ can be used as fencing, walls, dividers and seating areas — creating sustainable and attractive elements to the environment or area.

ECO-ROCK™ is available in a variety of materials and finishes with a standard panel size of 3’ to 8’ high and 3’ to 5’ wide and thicknesses between 4" to 12". Wire diameters for a standard ECO-ROCK™ panel is .148 (9 gauge) or .192 (6 gauge) with a bulge wire diameter of .105 (12 gauge) to .148 (9 gauge).

Let us work with you to create a custom gabion-style design to meet your needs. Please call one of our Architectural Products Team Members at 866.754.5144