All Bar Grating by Spacing

· By construction
· By spacing, use the table below
· By industry designation (including non-McNICHOLS designations)
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GWH - Riveted


Listed in descending order
for cross bar or rivet spacing

GM - Riveted
GQ - Riveted
HWE - Heavy Weld HWE-2 - Heavy Weld
HWD - Heavy Weld
HWD-2 - Heavy Weld
23-WH-4 - Peds & Treads Note: Both 23-WH-4 and 15-WH-4 place filler bars between the bearing bars to provide pedestrian-friendly bar spacing for heavy-duty applications.
HWC - Heavy Weld
HWC-2 - Heavy Weld
GW - Welded

GHB - Heavy Weld

GAA - Press-Locked

GAL - Swaged (Rectangular Bar)

GIA - Swaged
(I Bar)

SFT - Swaged
(Flush Top)
GW-2 - Welded

GHB-2 - Heavy Weld

GBB - Press-Locked

GAL-2 - Swaged (Rectangular Bar)

GIA-2 - Swaged
(I Bar)

SFT-2 - Swaged
(Flush Top)
SGW - Welded

SGAL - Swaged (Rectangular Bar)

SGIA - Swaged
(I Bar)

GCC - Press-Locked

15-WH-4 - Peds & Treads

SGW-2 - Welded

SGAL-2 - Swaged (Rectangular Bar)

SGIA-2 - Swaged
(I Bar)

GDD - Press Locked

GCM-3 - Close Mesh

GCM-4 - Close Mesh

11-SG-4 - Swaged
(Rectangular Bar)

11-SG-2- Swaged
(Rectangular Bar)
GCM-3 - Close Mesh
GCM-2 - Close Mesh

8-SG-4 - Swaged
(Rectangular Bar)
GCM-1 - Close Mesh

7-SG-4 - Swaged
(Rectangular Bar)
7-SG-2 - Swaged
(Rectangular Bar)
GO - Riveted
GR - Riveted