Industry Designations for McNICHOLS® Bar Grating

How to Find an Equivalent McNICHOLS Product

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Structure of a Bar Grating Designation

Industry bar grating designations are typically broken into two parts: Bar grating construction and spacing and bar grating size. Each is explained below.

Bar Grating Construction and Spacing

Bar grating construction includes, but is not limited to: welded, swaged or locked by swaging, press-locked and riveted. Spacing includes the measure of both the center to center cross and bearing bar spacing. Manufacturers typically use their own unique combination of number, letters or both to designate a bar grating’s construction and spacing (e.g., W-19-4, which is welded rectangular bar, bar grating). McNICHOLS® uses series designations to identify a bar grating’s construction and spacing. For example, the McNICHOLS® equivalent to W-19-4 is the GW series grating.

The second part of the grating’s industry designation is the bearing bar size.

Bearing Bar Size

Bearing bar size includes the bearing bar height and thickness. Some manufacturers simply add the actual bearing bar sizes to the designations for the construction & spacing (e.g., W-19-4 1 inch by 1/8 inch). Others add their own unique designations (a number, letter, or a combination of both). For example, GW100A, which is the McNICHOLS equivalent to W-19-4, 1 inch by 1/8 inch bearing bar size.